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Are you struggling with any of these?

  •  Acne

  •  Anxiety

  •  Asthma

  •  Balancing hormones

  •  Blood sugar imbalances

  •  Brain fog

  • Depression

  •  Diabetes

  •  Digestive issues

  •  Eczema

  •  Fatigue

  •  Food & environmental allergies

  • Headaches

  •  Heart disease

  •  High Cholesterol

  •  High blood pressure

  •  Irritability

  •  Irritable bowel syndrome

  •  Joint pain & stiffness

  • Medications

  •  Overeating

  •  PMS/hot flashes

  •  Psoriasis

  •  Sinus problems

  •  Sleeplessness

  •  Weight gain

  • And much, much more

The SHAPE program works because of our four-pronged healing approach:

Decrease Inflammation ** Strengthen Immune Function ** Detox & Cleanse ** Release Excess Toxic Weight

We have your life-saving solution!

Top 10 Benefits of the SHAPE Program

  1.    Reduced inflammation

  2.    Detoxification

  3.    Enhanced immune function

  4.    Weight loss

  5.    Decreased pain

  6.    Improved sleep

  7.    Decreased or eliminated medication dependency

  8.    Better emotional health

  9.    Boost in energy

  10.    Balanced blood sugar, cholesterol, hormones & more

SHAPE Journey

We believe God created each of us as unique human beings. Therefore, each person’s experience will be as different as their fingerprints. We call this bio-individuality. Your practitioner will build on the foundation of the SHAPE program to meet your unique metabolic needs. You will be empowered, uplifted, motivated and guided toward a healthier you, a healthier future.

3 Phase Program:

Food is Medicine. SHAPE shines a spotlight on negative eating habits.  The SHAPE Program is organized into three phases: Cleanse – Phase I is a gentle, yet thorough detox and cleanse. Stabilize – Phase II is the most important because this is where brain chemistry & metabolism are stabilized. Live – Phase III is all about taking what you learned in Phases I & II and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Find a Practitioner

We have certified SHAPE practitioners all across the country. Simply type in your zip code to find your nearest practitioner or choose one of many who offer remote/virtual support.  If your healthcare provider doesn’t offer SHAPE, why not suggest they become a member of the SHAPE practitioner family so you can work with your own trusted practitioner. We would love to work with them!

Thousands of people are changing their lives with the SHAPE Program.

You can, too!

What is the SHAPE Program?

The SHAPE Program is a health restoration program that combines the SHAPE Drops with the SHAPE Nutrition Protocol for a simple, effective and safe way to achieve optimal health. 

Learn more about how the SHAPE Program works here.

How is the SHAPE Program different from other programs?

  • It is not a diet or weight loss program. It gets to the root cause and helps your body heal on a neurological and cellular level. 
  • It is practitioner-monitored for individualized support and care. Practitioners use inexpensive urinalysis testing to customize the program to your unique metabolic needs.
  • There are no bars, shakes or gimmicks; just a simple, anti-inflammatory whole food nutrition plan combined with the SHAPE Drops.

What can I eat on the SHAPE Program?

Your SHAPE practitioner will give you a Program Guidebook that contains instructions on how to do the program and a complete list of approved foods. The SHAPE Nutrition Protocol emphasizes nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods and is customized to your individual needs.

Will the SHAPE Program help me lose weight?

If you have excess weight, yes! However, this is not a diet or a weight loss program. Releasing excess weight is simply a wonderful side effect of reducing inflammation, cleansing and improving immunity. By working closely with your SHAPE practitioner throughout the program, you can lose the weight and keep it off.

What are the SHAPE Drops?

The SHAPE Drops are a nanomolecular dietary supplement formulated to help you heal on a neurological and cellular level and provide whole body support. For a complete list of ingredients and supportive functions, read SHAPE Drops: Our Unique Formula.

Can I buy the SHAPE Drops online and do the program on my own?

No. The SHAPE Drops are only available through credentialed SHAPE practitioners and the program is solely practitioner-monitored. Working with a practitioner allows the program to be customized to your unique metabolic needs so you achieve the best results. Your SHAPE practitioner will utilize urinalysis and other diagnostic techniques to help you reach your goals quickly and safely. 

How much does the SHAPE Program cost?

Because the SHAPE Program is offered by so many different types of healthcare professionals, the cost will vary depending on their level of expertise, clinical experience, diagnostic and treatment techniques, specialties, geographical location and individual need.

How do I get started?

Click here to find a SHAPE practitioner.