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Abagail Frederick

Abigail Emery

Adara D. Francis, CHHP, BCTN

Alexa Eberhard, CCN, LDN

Amber Boyles-Pellock, BCND

Amy L. Kramer

Amy Todd, ND

Amy Wellein BCND

Andra L. Johnson, RN, BSN, BA

Andrea Roberts

Angela Reetz

Ann Luu

Anna Boron, CHHP, BCTN

April Martinez

Ashley Penney, FNP-BC

Ayana Barber

Barb Goshorn, RN

Be Whole Wellness Center

Bernard Rosen, PhD

Betsy Burris, RPh – SHAPE Certified Practitioner

Betty Henson, EP, CSPS

Beverly Prentice MS, RDN/LD

Bonnie Kincaid, PhD

Brenda J. Wright B.S.N.

Brenda Wright BSN

Bridgette Zmorowski, RN, BSN

Carlien Hefer

Carol Wu, NTP

Carol Wu, NTP

Carrie Brown, BCTN, MH

Caryn Feingold, LEHP

Catherine Onuoha, RPh

Cherri Reidenbach, RN

Christie Brooks

Christina Melancon

Cindy Crandell RN Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Connie Wilson, RN

Danny McLane, DC

Darci Noonchester, MS, RD

Dave Hergenrader APRN, FNP-C

Deanna Woodroffe, WHNP

Debbie Dennis, MS, CHHP

Debbie Love RN

Debra Dennis, MS, CHHP

Delilah Coyne, CHHP

Denise Houpt, CHHP

Diane Frisch

Dr Jim Powell