Practitioners are using the SHAPE ReClaimed Program
to restore their patients back to the health they never should have left in the first place while growing their practices!

A Lifestyle Modification
Health Restoration Program

What if Weight Loss
was a Side Effect?

What is the state of your practice?

Is your growth stagnating?

Have referrals slowed down?

Are you losing patients?

Are you worried about expenses?

Are you wondering what to do next?

Are you feeling stuck?

Ever find yourself struggling with a complex list of symptoms, a medical test file that indicates "nothing is wrong"?

You know something is wrong. Your patient definitely knows something is wrong. And yet you think: 

"What am I going to do and where do I start?"

You Start With SHAPE

SHAPE ReClaimed is a Practitioner Monitored Program that restores health and revitalizes life!
It's not a one-size-fits-all program. It's built to the bio-individual, metabolic profile.

SHAPE ReClaimed was built on two premises:

  1. All diets fail!
  2. It can’t just be metabolic!

We believe all diets fail because the brain gets a message it's starving, which our program prevents.


* Decrease inflammation * Strengthen immune function * Gentle detox & cleanse
* Release toxic weight as a
wonderful side effect


SHAPE Practitioners are given ongoing training and support to help them administer the program perfectly, and ensure optimum results for their patients.


For the past 14 years the SHAPE ReClaimed Program has helped thousands of patients across the country to restore their health and release toxic weight.

SHAPE ReClaimed Is A Better Choice!!!

Your GLP-1/Semaglutide/Ozempic Alternative

Absolutely! We encourage folks choosing GLP-1/Semaglutide drugs to incorporate our SHAPE Program. SHAPE is a lifestyle modification, health restoration program. SHAPE will help them understand that food is medicine, they must change their relationship with food and embrace a healthy lifestyle to experience lasting results.

The manufacturers of the GLP-1/Semaglutide drugs consider obesity a chronic disease, therefore, stating the drugs must be continued for life to maintain weight loss.

We disagree!

Big Pharma is all about “managing disease”. SHAPE is about addressing the underlying root cause restoring the health they never should have left in the first place!

Yes! All data from the manufacturers state folks will gain all the weight back unless they continue using the drugs for life.

Thousands of patients across the country have reported a significant decrease with constantly “thinking about food”. Many have shared SHAPE Drops have dramatically helped them change their relationship with food.

We’re glad you asked! The answer is a resounding YES! Because SHAPE ReClaimed is a practitioner monitored program that has celebrated 14 years of clinical success, our SHAPE practitioners are trained to build the SHAPE Program to the unique bio-individual, metabolic need for each patient.

According to and the black box warning on the various GLP-1/Semaglutide drugs, here are the noted side effects:

Common Side Effects

  • abdominal pain
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • nausea or vomiting

Mild Side Effects

  • change in the way things taste
  • abdominal pain
  • burping
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • flatulence (gas)
  • fatigue (lack of energy)
  • indigestion (upset stomach) or acid reflux
  • injection-site reactions, such as skin redness, discoloration, or discomfort
  • nausea or vomiting
  • minor increase in heart rate

Serious Side Effects

We know you want to be successful
we don't believe that is enough

We Want You to be Significant!

SHAPE is changing the medical narrative from "what's wrong" to "what's not right"!

SHAPE ReClaimed was created by Dr. Todd Frisch to help his wife Linda. She was struggling to lose weight as a menopausal female and he created a formula to fix the problem.

He started sharing it with other patients, of all ages, and discovered that it helped them with all kinds of other health issues. His already successful practice grew even faster, so he began sharing the program with other practitioners and SHAPE ReClaimed was born.

Dr. Todd & Linda Frisch

We Ran Our Own Practice for almost four decades

Dr. Todd Frisch and his wife Linda ran a thriving, referral only practice in St. Louis. Their business model can help you!

SHAPE ReClaimed was the Key to Our Success

SHAPE helped our patients heal and lose weight. They referred their family & friends. Our practice exploded!

We've Helped Hundreds Replicate Our Results

The SHAPE Program works and we can help you implement it, like we have for hundreds of practitioners.

Restoring Health & Expanding Your Practice

Healing & growth matters! We make it easy to increase your practice while restoring vibrant health.

Looking for a Practice Game Changer?

Learn More About Our Practitioner's Success

The Program Is Easy To Implement

Healing from the Inside Out

SHAPE ReClaimed is the lifestyle modification, health restoration program you need to grow your practice!
Program Guidebook and Shape Drops

Meet with Your Patient

Discuss their health history, desired health and weight goals to determine if they are a good candidate for the program and discuss cost.

Your Patient Commits to the Program

Patient signs Informed Consent and discuss follow-up monitoring. Determine Phase I: Cleanse and which is best: Basic or FasTrac.

Get a Baseline Urinalysis

Perform a baseline urinalysis to determine specific initial starting dietary guidelines unique to the patient's metabolic needs.

Provide the Guidebook and Drops

Provide patient Program Guidebook and SHAPE Drops (include UA kit if working with patient remotely).

Meet Regularly

Meet with patient every 1-2 weeks to discuss current urinalysis, track progress, and make any necessary adjustments.

How It Works for You


Take a little time to learn more about SHAPE's product and program. Complete your application and connect with Co-Founder, Linda Frisch.


We'll provide the training, marketing, and support materials necessary for you to be successful with this program. Total access to the founders whenever needed.


Once certified, you create your practitioner listing for our website and begin treating patients with SHAPE, offering a whole new level of healing for your practice.

Today's the Day to Change the Health of Your Practice!

Become the Healer You Were Meant to Be!

Learn How Dr. Todd's Healing Philosophy Can Change Your Practice

We’re changing the medical narrative from “What’s Wrong?” to “What’s Not Right?”

This is a paradigm shift that allows practitioners to reverse disease, rather than manage it, if not prevent it altogether.