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 *   Want a simple and effective, practitioner-monitored program for your patients?

 *   Want to help your patients heal from the inside out with weight loss as a wonderful side effect?

 *   Want an easy-to-implement framework that streamlines what you offer?

*   Need turn-key marketing so you can focus on your patients’ health?

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SHAPE ReClaimed is your win-win solution!

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Your solution for building and growing your restorative healthcare practice!

With our proven system for healing, easy-to-implement framework and turn-key marketing, we make it easy for you to grow a thriving SHAPE ReClaimed practice while changing lives!

Want to know how you can grow your practice with SHAPE ReClaimed?

What makes the SHAPE Program different from other wellness programs?

  1. It is not a diet or weight loss program. There are no bars, shakes or gimmicks; just simple, anti-inflammatory whole food nutrition.
  2. It addresses the root cause of common health complaints, helping people heal on a neurological and cellular level.
  3. It is entirely practitioner-monitored and utilizes urinalysis testing. This allows you to customize the program to your patients’/clients’ unique metabolic needs ensuring faster, better and longer-lasting results.

Does the SHAPE Program include any bars, shakes or pre-packaged meals?

No. The SHAPE Program focuses on anti-inflammatory whole food nutritionYou will provide your patients/clients a list of foods to choose from in the Program Guidebook plus access to hundreds of recipes on the SHAPE website for patients. You will customize the Nutrition Protocol based on regular urinalysis testing.  

What's in the SHAPE Drops and how do they work?

The SHAPE Drops contain 28 ingredients each chosen for a specific purpose. These ingredients work synergistically to help the body balance and heal on both neurological and cellular levels.   

Because the SHAPE Drops are in liquid form and contain nanodoses of natural substances, they have enhanced absorption and utilization, can pass easily through cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier and are generally safer and more effective than large doses of the same substance.   

Click here for a complete list and explanation of ingredients in the SHAPE Drops.  

Who is the ideal SHAPE patient?

The SHAPE Program is a total health restoration program designed to balance pH, encourage a healthy stress response, enhance digestion, detox and cleanse, boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

If you have patients/clients with any of the following, make the SHAPE Program your go-to solution:

  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • Brain fog
  • Digestive problems
  • Fatigue for no apparent reason
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Mood problems
  • Pain, swelling or stiffness not related to activity
  • Weight gain

Is SHAPE ReClaimed a franchise, multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct sales company?

No. SHAPE ReClaimed is a national company which distributes products through credentialed wellness professionals throughout the U.S. who have a wholesale account.   

If you are a credentialed wellness professional, you can become a SHAPE practitioner today by applying here

How can I become a SHAPE practitioner?

Fill out our application here!

Have more questions?

Check out more FAQs here or call SHAPE Central @ 636.484.8444

Here's what practitioners are saying about SHAPE ReClaimed:

SHAPE ReClaimed has been a miraculous personal and professional journey. It is a blessing that it is a program built on faith, love and integrity, which is extremely refreshing!

Laura Smith, RD

I have been using SHAPE ReClaimed for years in my medical practice. It has been one of the best programs I have offered my patients. I love SHAPE because it works well for so many chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders and gastrointestinal problems. It is not just for those who are overweight.

Dr. Michael Schoenwalder

SHAPE ReClaimed was the missing link to our practice. We now have a realistic option for our patients that addresses the core of most illnesses: toxicity and inflammation.

-Dr. Thomas DiSalvatore