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SHAPE Program

If you want to grow your wellness business, start with the SHAPE Program.

The SHAPE Program is a simple health restoration program that combines the SHAPE Drops with the SHAPE Nutrition Protocol. The program is easily customized to each patient’s/client’s needs through a simple urinalysis. From fatigue to body aches and pains, mood problems and metabolic imbalances, the SHAPE Program is your go-to solution.

SHAPE Program = SHAPE Drops + SHAPE Nutrition Protocol

Proper nutrition is necessary for everyone, but it’s difficult to find what works best for each individual. With the SHAPE Program, your patients/clients will have a step-by-step guide on what to eat. Then, with the use of urinalysis monitoring, you’ll know exactly how to adjust the program to meet their unique metabolic needs. The SHAPE Drops maximize healing, helping your patients/clients not only look great, but feel great, as well.

The SHAPE Program is organized into three phases:

Phase I: Cleanse

It’s impossible to achieve optimal health without proper detoxification. But detox programs are often harsh or uncomfortable, causing your patients/clients to give up early before they’re fully cleansed. Phase I of the SHAPE Program is a gentle, yet thorough detox and cleanse. Your patients/clients will also experience a reduction in inflammation, their brain chemistry will begin to balance, and if they have weight to lose, they will experience healthy weight loss while in Phase I.

Your patients/clients will take the SHAPE Drops and follow the SHAPE Nutrition Protocol during Phase I. The Nutrition Protocol includes both meat/poultry and vegetarian protein options, low-starch vegetables, low-glycemic fruits and some complex carbohydrates. The details are outlined in the  Program Guidebook which contains a complete food list and meal plan. Phase I is a minimum of three weeks, but we recommend your patients/clients stay in Phase I until they reach their health goals.

Phase II: Stabilize

Phase II is the most important phase of the SHAPE Program because this is where the patient’s/client’s brain chemistry and metabolism are stabilized. This phase ensures long-term success, especially for those who lost weight in Phase I. Additionally, Phase II helps your patients/clients learn more about their relationship with food and discover possible food intolerances. Your patients/clients will discontinue the SHAPE Drops and begin adding back foods they eliminated in Phase I. Phase II is exactly three weeks long.

Phase III: Live

Achieving optimal health is fantastic. But maintaining optimal health over a lifetime is even better. Phase III is all about LIVING a healthy life. Your patients/clients will enter Phase III empowered with the knowledge they gained in Phases I and II.

Together, you and your patient/client will establish a sustainable long-term plan. Many continue to take the SHAPE Drops as part of their daily regimen and complete a periodic 21-Day Quick Cleanse. When your patients/clients make the SHAPE Program a priority, it becomes a lifestyle.

Get REAL results with REAL food and grow your wellness business with the SHAPE Program.