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Greetings from Dr. Todd, Linda and our Amazing Team!

Welcome! We’re excited you’re here! That tells us you’ve heard something wonderful about our life-changing program and want to learn more! We look forward to working with you.

Before you take the next step and submit an application, we ENCOURAGE you to invest the time (less than an hour) to review some valuable information we offer on our website. This helps give you a solid foundation in our product and program, answers many of your questions and saves us both precious time with our vetting and onboarding process. Simply click the links below:

About – SHAPE ReClaimed

How the SHAPE Program Works – SHAPE ReClaimed

SHAPE Drops: Our Unique Formula – SHAPE ReClaimed

Why We Chose an Organic Formula (and What That Means for You) – SHAPE ReClaimed

Are SHAPE Drops Safe? – SHAPE ReClaimed

Urinalysis is Critical to Your Success – SHAPE ReClaimed

Practitioners Home – SHAPE ReClaimed

Now that you’re excited about what you’ve already learned, we’d love for you to take the time to watch our video series to grasp the big picture of what SHAPE can do for your patients/clients and grow your practice.

SHAPE Program Video Series

If you are passionate about helping your patients/clients heal from the inside-out and are looking for a full turn-key program that has decades of clinical success behind it, SHAPE ReClaimed is exactly what you are looking for!

We are a company like no other! From the founders, down to every team member, we are very intentional and care about building a strong relationship with our SHAPE practitioners. Not only are we passionate about helping your patients/clients heal, but we are also passionate about helping our practitioners be rewarded financially.

We are excited to hear from you!

Dr. Todd, Linda and our Amazing Team!

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