About Us

SHAPE ReClaimed
is dedicated to

Transforming Healthcare:
One Patient
at a Time

We are a group of health care professionals, passionately working together to steer our society back to vibrant health.

We believe God has created us as unique human beings.
Each patient’s experience with the program will be as different as their fingerprints.

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The SHAPE ReClaimed Story

Learn the story behind SHAPE ReClaimed’s founders and how this program came to be.

SHAPE ReClaimed team Todd & Linda
Tree of Life

SHAPE ReClaimed's Mission

We are passionate about being a force for positive change and our mission is to Transform Healthcare: One Patient at a Time.

Meet Our SHAPE ReClaimed Team

We are a team of professionals dedicated to transforming healthcare. Meet the people behind the names.

Office outside corner

"No more plantar fasciitis."
- Jona W.

"Diabetes in remission forever."
- Terri J.

"Brain inflammation – gone. That means no more brain fog, blurred vision, eye droop or twitch, or numbness in my left arm."
- Tori C.

"Chronic pain better by 90% or more."
- Kimberly L.

"My asthma has calmed down – a lot."
- Cami B.

"Neck pain gone!"
- Tammie M.

"Single-digit clothes."
- Tina H.

"Menstrual cycles have returned to normal. No more harmful medication to make them start."
- Ryanne G.

"Thunder thighs are not genetically-inherited after all. Surprise!"
- Terri J.

"I can clothes shop in nearly any store I choose and wear name brands for the first time in 38+ years."
- Sue B.

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