The SHAPE Program transformed my body and eating habits. – Marie C.

Through my 20s and 30s, I had a lean, muscular body from running marathons. I stopped running in my 40s and noticed over the years how weight started adding on each year, and I wasn’t able to lose it. I didn’t like how I felt or how my body looked with the extra weight. With that being said, I started the SHAPE Program with the intention to become healthier and ReClaim my SHAPE.

The SHAPE Program was easy to fit into my busy lifestyle, and I really enjoyed it. I loved how good I felt through detoxing and eating the right kinds of foods that made me feel and look vibrant.

I learned to enjoy cooking simple healthy meals at home instead of grabbing something on-the-go. I also learned which foods to avoid that cause weight gain and inflammation and what foods I feel better eating, such as vegetables!

I lost 13 lbs. on my SHAPE journey and ReClaimed my SHAPE! I am back to the lean body type and feel healthier and happier. I’m so glad I did it!