I have stopped taking three of my meds and my blood sugar is normal. – Richard

On August 15, 2015, my wife told me she was going to the doctor to start a program called the SHAPE Program. Being a big man weighing in at 380 lbs., I told her I would eat on the program with her so it would be easier for her.

A week later, I started the program at 370 lbs. As the days went by, my inflammation decreased, and the weight was melting away. Before the program, I drank about a case of diet soda a week. I stopped that habit day one. After week two, I found the program extremely easy to follow. My wife and I were seeing great results. We loved that the program is laid out in black and white; what you can do and what is approved on the nutritional plan. The program also teaches you how to eat, and how the body reacts to different foods. Weighing in everyday and seeing results was great inspiration to keep on plan as I went through the holidays.

By the end of the year, I was down to 261.4 lbs. I had lost over 100 lbs. so we went to Canada for New Year’s Eve. I rewarded myself and ate what I wanted to for 4 days. When I came back home, I got on the scale and was up to 282 lbs. I had a 20-lb. gain and an appointment with my doctor in a couple of days.

I was wild about the gain. My doctor told me the body doesn’t gain that much fat in that short of time. What I was experiencing was the body producing fluid to protect itself from the foods that I had eaten; the body’s natural way of protecting itself. I went right back on program and lost that 20 plus 5 more pounds.

By fall 2016, I had dropped 175 lbs. total. I have stopped taking three of my blood pressure meds, and my blood sugar was normal again.

On November 5, 2016, Dr. Todd and Linda presented a SHAPE Warrior event in Maine. When I met Dr. Todd, all I could say was, “Thank you.”


Submitted by Dr. Cheryl LaGrange