WTF? Why The Face Master Class & Software Launch



Thanks to decades of clinical experience with thousands of patients, we are proud to share Dr. Todd’s life’s work to help you become a sharper clinician.  Known for seeing patients through a different lens, Dr. Todd believes his clinical success was enhanced because of facial diagnosis. We are confident you, too, can sharpen your clinical skillset and help pinpoint physiological health weaknesses early.

Master Class – Register Now!

The app is billed at $40 monthly. When you register, you will provide your CC information and you will be billed every 30 days. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. We are offering a free 30 day trial if you register for the Facial Analysis Master Class. After the 30 days, your CC will automatically be charged the $40 for the next month.
To help you understand what the app would look like, here are the two important slides that detail what the registration page looks like and what the app macro page looks like.


When you register to use the software, you will create your own link. Everyone’s will start with: – then you will add your personal handle: When registering for the software subscription, be mindful when you create your personal handle. You may want to add dr for doctor before your name or you may want to add your credential after your name: toddfrischdc. The choice is yours.

YOU MUST INVOICE YOUR PATIENT/CLIENT FOR THIS FACIAL ANALYSIS THROUGH YOUR OWN BUSINESS ACCOUNTING PROGRAM. It is our recommendation you bill for the analysis first and after they pay for the analysis, send them the direct link to upload their photos.

Steps to using the software:

    1. Send or share: (your personal link) with your patient/client.
    2. They will login to your direct link and follow the instructions to upload their photos, as well as, their name, email address and phone number.
    3. You will find their photos in your personal app under New Submissions
    4. You will click on Face Shapes and their photos will pop up.
    5. You will begin choosing their face shape first, click finish face shapes, next click the little face button (to determine right side/left side analysis), click finish and move to the Ears button and so on down through the entire macro system.
    6. If there is nothing to denote for a particular feature, you simply skip to the next feature.
    7. Each time you click a button, the information behind that button that describes that chosen feature will be added to a pdf report that will be displayed for your review when you finish working your way through all the features.
    8. You will then review the pdf report to confirm you have analyzed corrected and either go back to make your correction or click finish.
    9. The next and final page: Potential Health Concerns is a “working word document” that you can type your final thoughts. Dr. Todd always uses the word “Possible”…i.e.:
      * inherited liver weakness
      * low blood sugar tendencies
      * oxygen debt
      * tipped uterus
      * etc…
    10. Click Finish & Download PDF
    11. Report will be Archived in your software subscription forever
    12. You can click: Save As and keep a copy of the report for their patient/client records should you choose for easy reference
    13. Email a copy of the PDF Report to your patient/client

Why the Face Software – Apply Now!


Sadly, I’ve heard all to often, “I’d like to but…I really can’t afford it at this time”! I get it. I’ve been there…more times than you can know.

Times are tough! We have a country divided over virtually everything that matters. Just covering our daily expenses is challenging enough. To think about investing in this economic climate is daunting. Where can you invest with all the uncertainty and trust your investment is safe? 

Now, more than ever, it’s time to invest in YOU !!!

My best investments have always been when I invested in MYSELF. I took classes, bought & read books, attended seminars and traveled anywhere to hone my skills and learn more in an attempt to help sick people get well. I did it when I had no money and continue to do it even though I am retired from private practice. I continue to invest in my education at age 70 in an effort to help all of you.

I’ve quoted Tony Dungy often, “What’s down in the well, will come up in the bucket”! Never, and I mean NEVER, stop putting information down in your well. 

When you complete the Facial Analysis Master Class, you will add a new skillset to your toolbox that will enhance your ability to “see” the health weaknesses in your patients/clients like never before. I emptied my analytical knowledge into this course like never before. 

Our app will make reading faces an absolute breeze. What took me 60-90 minutes in the past to do a full facial analysis, now takes me less than 10 minutes. 

What’s even better…you can charge for your facial analysis. If you charge $100 for a complete analysis, your investment of $600 to complete the Master Class can be re-cooped by reading six faces and everything is profit after that. What a great way to invest in your financial growth!

I have signed an exclusive agreement with Trinity School of Natural Health and they will be offering our program for $1000. Because you are a SHAPE practitioner, we are giving you the same Master Class for $600.

When you register and complete the Master Class, you will be provided a special coupon code for a 30 day free trial for Why the Face app. 

Invest in YOU and reap the financial rewards while helping your patients/clients heal. Your reward will be so great, that you won’t have room in your house to store it. (Paraphrasing Malachi 3:10)

I hope to see you all at the SHAPE Symposium in March.

I urge you not to miss these incredible opportunities to learn more to hone your skill!