While weight is the easiest change to measure, I am happiest about the changes inside. – Sheri King

Before the SHAPE Program, I was pretty miserable. I was lethargic, had body aches in the morning and my feet and back hurt at the end of the day. I know I was addicted to sugar, also. I was anxious and afraid about getting COVID-19 since I was so overweight.

I was so nervous about doing the SHAPE Program that it took me about a month to commit after the gentle encouragement from a friend.

While weight is the easiest change to measure (I have released 80 pounds!), I am happiest about the changes that have begun inside. I have more self-esteem about my body, and I’m enjoying clothes shopping again. I’m more willing to tackle projects right away instead of procrastinating. I look forward to hiking with my family instead of inwardly dreading it, and I don’t have any arthritis-type body pain.

I have also achieved my goal of not being controlled by sugar. I didn’t even desire to eat my kids’ Halloween and Christmas candy!

The OFFICIAL SHAPE ReClaimed Support Group on Facebook and recipes on the website have been a big part of keeping me going on the SHAPE Program. I still have a way to go regarding weight, but I feel so much better about my food choices. Thank you, SHAPE ReClaimed!