We’re going to change the world, and you’re going to see it happen.

My partner in life and in business, Chef Cat, said she was going to go on the SHAPE Program. I was skeptical at first, because my classic medical training was keeping me from really understanding how it works. But I saw her benefit from it personally, and then I saw her get excited about becoming a SHAPE-certified chef. Meanwhile, I had to retire from hospital and nursing home nursing because I could see that our standard medical practices were harming people. I had to figure out what my place in life is. Why did God have me go through training to be an RN if I was going to have to leave hospital work? I had been working with Chef Cat in her business, and then I realized that with my credentials I could become a SHAPE practitioner! I could use my medical background to be more than just a nurse and to actually work with clients to help heal them.

So here we are, and from the moment we arrived at the SHAPE Symposium, my equilibrium shifted. I felt that something was different. We acknowledged our Creator first, because this is how we’re enabled to heal. Not because we’re really smart, but because God said, “You have an interest in helping people? Here, I’m going to put you around people who have information that can help you do that.” This has been one of the most impacting events in my adult life. This is changing the world, right here. We’re going to change the world, and you’re going to see it happen. I want to pioneer a new way of nursing. This is going to give me an opportunity and platform to actually heal. SHAPE ReClaimed is changing lives in more ways than one.

Bridgette Zmorowski, RN
Akron, OH
SHAPE Practitioner since 2019

SHAPE ReClaimed