Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a SHAPE Practitioner

Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a SHAPE Practitioner

1. Quick results = more referrals.

Our turn-key program is easy to integrate in your practice.  With the SHAPE Program, patients/clients report seeing results within the first few days. When they see quick results, they stay motivated, are more compliant, achieve greater success and refer more of their family and friends.

2. Not just another weight loss program.

Weight loss programs can be a great way to attract new patients/clients, but they may not be the kinds of patients/clients you’re looking for. Because the SHAPE Program is comprehensive, it goes beyond treating symptoms and tackles the underlying root cause. Inflammatory symptoms vanish and weight loss becomes a wonderful side effect. SHAPE patients/clients recognize the value in total health restoration. They won’t come to you looking for a quick fix, they’ll come to you to transform their lives. Through simply urine testing, you will customize the program to fit each bio-individual, metabolic need. Once they reach their health and weight goal, SHAPE provides structured maintenance for their long-term success.

3. Increase your income potential without working more hours.

Rather than working harder, SHAPE ReClaimed helps you work smarter. Your job is to determine if your patient/client will benefit from the program and our job at SHAPE ReClaimed is to educate. Practitioners who have built their business on the foundation of SHAPE ReClaimed report a significant increase in their business income without working more hours. The SHAPE Program is easy to follow and easy to monitor. SHAPE fosters long-term relationships with your patients/clients as many continue using our SHAPE Drops as a daily support supplement.

4. Marketing is done for you.

Marketing your wellness business can be quite expensive when you go through a firm or agency, or time-consuming if you do it yourself. Then, there’s no guarantee it will grow your business. As a SHAPE practitioner, you receive a free marketing consultation plus access to a growing library of marketing materials designed to help you stand out from the noise and grow your business.

5. Listing on our National Find-a-Practitioner online directory.

SHAPE practitioners build their own listing on our online directory, making it easy for prospective patients/clients to find you. You’ll be able to customize your listing with photos, videos, social media and website links, and business type (remote or in-person). Practitioners who customize their listings have seen an increase in new patients/clients within just a few weeks.

Practitioner Certification Course6. Top-notch education and training.

Our online video course and Practitioner Training Guidebook teaches you everything you need to know to be a successful SHAPE practitioner. If you have technical questions, you can contact SHAPE ReClaimed Developer, CoFounder and Technical Advisor, Dr. Todd Frisch or our Technical Consultant, Dr. Beth Bartlett, at any time.

7. Unparalleled patient/client support.

Most programs leave patient/client support in your hands costing you valuable time and money. With the Program Guidebook and all the resources on our website, we lighten your work load and save you valuable time. With SHAPE ReClaimed, your patients/clients have access to our private Facebook group with over 18,000 members. Our website contains hundreds of recipes and educational articles which offer the support your patients/clients need to succeed.

8. Remain independent and continue doing what you do best.

SHAPE ReClaimed is not a franchise or direct sales/multi-level marketing (MLM) company, and there are no monthly order minimums. As a SHAPE practitioner, you continue doing what you love and simply add SHAPE ReClaimed to it.

9. Stand out from the noise.

With so much information available to your patients/clients, they’re getting smarter and savvier every day. This is great news for you because, as a holistic wellness practitioner who offers SHAPE ReClaimed, you are the solution people are looking for.

10. Establish credibility with our signature program.

SHAPE ReClaimed is a national brand which is increasingly growing in popularity. By becoming a SHAPE practitioner and offering the SHAPE Program, you establish credibility both in your field and with prospective patients/clients.