This program promotes eating real food, not a shake or a gimmick. – Lisa

I started my SHAPE Program journey on August 17, 2015. I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I have tried several different diets in order to lose weight. I did Weight Watchers, Visalus shakes, Arbonne shakes, bee pollen and an Arbonne detox, just to name a few. I was tired of thinking that I looked terrible and having a stomachache most nights. I have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. I knew I needed to do something. I was a true junk food junkie!

I have two close friends who had tried the SHAPE Program. She was on it for a year and a half and he just a month before I decided to try it. His weight loss inspired me to see if the SHAPE Program would work for me. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I decided if I didn’t give it a shot, I would never know.

I decided that I would start before going back to work for a new school year so I could get into a routine. I also knew that if I could get through September doing this, it would be a piece of cake the rest of the year! I teach kindergarten and it is the most stressful month of the entire year. The best part was that my husband was willing to do the SHAPE Program with me. He has been an amazing support for me! A man who has never had to lose weight in his life has gone on to shed 34 pounds!

The SHAPE Program has taught me many things. I have lost 55 lbs. and 60 1/2 inches. I know that I am making good food choices each and every day. This program promotes eating real food, not a shake or a gimmick. I have the confidence in myself to stick to the changes that I have made. I know that I have finally made a positive, healthy change. I love the way I feel and especially the way that I look. This program has reshaped my body in a way I never thought possible. I have so much energy and have NEVER had a stomachache since starting this. My husband’s intestinal issues and acid reflux have disappeared as well. We have also learned how to go to a restaurant and make healthy food choices.

It has been strange getting the compliments about the way that I look. People are saying things like, “You are shrinking!” or “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it.” I have had several people inquire about how I am losing weight. Also, because of my success, I have had four other people start their journey with the SHAPE Program. It is amazing to have someone say to me that I am their inspiration. It makes me feel motivated to continue on the journey.

My practitioner, Kathy, has been so supportive and encouraging during my journey. Most of all, she has taught me that one’s weight isn’t always the most important thing. Choosing to live healthier and liking the way you look and feel far exceed the number on the scale. Kathy, along with others who share their stories (and struggles) on the OFFICIAL SHAPE ReClaimed Support Group on Facebook, enables me to stay motivated and continue making this lifestyle change. Realizing that this is my new lifestyle, my journey continues.


Submitted by Kathy Howitt, RD