This program has been life-altering for me! – C.J.

I met Dr. Yarger at the end of January 2013 and began the SHAPE Program. After the first week, I started to notice I felt better. I didn’t realize that inflammation from eating poorly played such a large factor in my overall health. 

A couple months later, I saw my primary care physician for the first time since starting the SHAPE Program. By then, I had lost 20 pounds and my blood test results were so good they blew my doctor away! I have had a lifelong history of very high triglycerides, and the results showed they dropped by more than 300 points! 

In early March, I saw the dentist and my autoimmune condition, lichen planus, had gone into remission. My gums were no longer bright red but back to a normal pink color! 

The original goal I set with Dr. Yarger was to lose 38 pounds. I had lost 50 pounds. I have been in Phase III since mid-May and have been able to maintain my weight within 5 pounds with no trouble. 

Truly, Dr. Yarger and this program has been life-altering for me! I’ve done a lot of different weight loss programs in the past. This lifestyle modification and health restoration program is the first program that ever taught me exactly how to care for my body! 

I would recommend this program to anyone. Not only did I enjoy the way the program is set up, I truly appreciated the amazing support and wonderful personality of Dr. Yarger. Not only do I consider her my doctor but a friend for life! 


Submitted by Dr. Janet Yarger