This journey has changed my life! – Donna

This journey has changed my life! Right now, I am down 45 pounds and I’m off medications for thyroid and high blood pressure. I have adjusted to a different way of life. I feel better than I have in 20-plus years. I am at a weight that I have not seen in many years, and my health is so much better. I walk every day now and took up golf this summer. I have a newfound confidence in myself. I cannot even imagine going back to my old eating habits. No processed foods will enter my house!

The other day while shopping with my daughter, I found a pair of knee-high boots that fit. I felt like dancing around the store. My daughter laughed because I was so excited. But it is those little things that make you feel good.

I am a believer! I have had many friends join SHAPE since seeing how well the program has worked for me. It makes me so happy to see others joining a healthy lifestyle.


Practitioner: Dr. Jennifer Gavett