This is a wonderful program and is worth the effort! – A.H.

I decided to give the SHAPE Program a go after much thought and research.

In spring of 2014, I found myself heavier than I had ever been. I had high blood pressure and was experiencing other health problems that were related to being overweight. I was ready to do whatever it took to regain my health and life back. Once I found out that Dr. Olivia was on the list of doctors using this lifestyle modification program, I gave her office a call.

After my first consultation, I was on my way to a new me! Within just a couple of weeks, I knew this program was going to work. Many of the changes were very drastic compared to what I was doing before the SHAPE Program, but I quickly realized I was feeling much better and the weight kept coming off.

As of now, I have lost 65 pounds and around 60 inches. I am no longer on my blood pressure medicine. I feel wonderful! I am on maintenance now and have made it successfully through Thanksgiving and have not gained. More amazingly, I have lost 3 1/2 more inches since moving to Phase II thanks to my healthy, clean eating habits and added exercise. This is a wonderful program and is worth the effort!”


Submitted by Dr. Olivia Joseph