The True Cost of SHAPE ReClaimed – Dr. Tom Petit

Though I don’t hear this very often, when a patient says, “I can’t afford the SHAPE Program,” I help them see they can’t afford NOT to do the SHAPE Program – not just for the physical benefits but also for financial benefit!

Choosing to live a truly healthy life can be costly and daunting. Taking a hard look at how one is living, what they’re eating and drinking, and how they are handling stress can be overwhelming. It SEEMS costly (embarrassing, shameful, sometimes angering, time-consuming and even grief-producing), but the freedom found in facing these life-long patterns and destructive choices far outweighs (literally and figuratively) the short-term cost of change.

I know of what I speak as I’ve lost 142 pounds in the last couple years, more than half of it utilizing the SHAPE Program, which is the SHAPE Drops and the SHAPE Nutrition Protocol.

I could talk for hours (which I do in my personal life and private practice) of the physical, emotional, psychological, personal, spiritual, community and family benefits of SHAPE ReClaimed. However, this testimony focuses on numbers, briefly: the changes on my lab work and moreover, the financial benefit of the SHAPE Program.

A few numbers pre- and post-SHAPE Program:

Lab ResultBeforeAfter
Blood glucose12574
Fasting insulin486
C-Reactive Protein40.2

After completing the SHAPE Program, my financial planner suggested I get re-evaluated to lower my Whole Life Insurance policy. Post evaluation, he said, “Dr. Petit, I have some good news and some bad news for you with respect to your policy premium.” That always pique’s one’s interest. “The good news is that the company has accepted your application for a lower rate based on your new medical profile, effective immediately.” I asked, “So what’s the bad news?” My financial planner grinned, “The bad news is that you need to keep the weight off, and keep these numbers for two more years and you will be in the highest rating, Premier, and over the life of the policy you will save $33,000.” Being the “numbers” guy that he is, he then went on to say that he figured out how much it would cost per “cookie” or “donut” or actually any “item used to handle stress unhealthily.” He told me to look at it this way: each unhealthy, quick-fix item, such as cookies, donuts, candy bars, fast food drive-thru meals, etc. would cost me about $330 each.

Formerly, keeping the weight off was daunting. However, the SHAPE Program teaches one about living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. In addition, the effect on the hypothalamus and building new habits makes it possible to stay where I am, enjoying freedom and a new kind of fullness!

So, is the SHAPE Program costly? Compared to diets, it is really inexpensive already. But look what an unhealthy attachment to an old lifestyle costs just in dollars!

I’m a strong believer in Jesus Christ, and believe that God gave Dr. Todd Frisch the vision to help thousands, one patient at a time, and I, for one, am glad to be one of them.


Submitted by Dr. Tom Petit