The SHAPE Program completely turned around my failing health. – C.D.

I heard about the SHAPE Program and like many who start the program, I wanted to lose 50 pounds by my 50th birthday. I also desperately needed to improve my overall health. You see, I had been diagnosed with Behcet’s disease about 10 years prior by a rheumatologist at MUSC clinic. Behcet’s is an autoimmune condition that targets the circulatory/vascular system of the body. I had high blood pressure for 10 years and was taking three blood pressure medications when I started the SHAPE Program. Even with all the medications I was takingNorvasc, HCT, Inderal, Humira and Istalolmy health was still suffering, and I felt terrible. I was determined to turn my health around and celebrate my 50th birthday with a renewed outlook on the rest of my life. I was treated with several cycles of steroid anti-inflammatory medications for Behcet’s. 

I started the SHAPE Program January 2013. I am 5’4” and weighed 167 pounds. By my birthday, I weighed 118 pounds. I’ve lost a little more and maintain 110 total pounds after settling into Phase III. 

Two of the three blood pressure medications have been discontinued, my blood pressure is 120/79 and my primary care physician is planning on stopping the last blood pressure medication very soon. My sed rate has dropped from a 30+ to a very low normal 5. My cholesterol numbers are all in normal ranges and, needless to say, there are NO SIGNS of Behcet’s disease. I am in complete remission. I am so excited because, you see, one of the biggest side effects of Behcet’s (due to the vascular inflammation) was a risk of permanent damage to my retinas. Today, there are no signs of the inflammatory condition that required repeated steroid treatment to control the symptoms I suffered with for years. I am only taking one medication and the lowest amount possible. 

I lost 57 pounds and have maintained this for the past five months. I cannot begin to thank Dr. Phil and Rochelle Wagner enough. I know they are very thankful to Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch for developing this amazing health transformation program. The SHAPE Program completely turned around my failing health and opened my eyes to what living a “healthy lifestyle” truly means! 


Submitted by Dr. Phil and Rochelle Wagner