The results are wonderful.

Several years ago, while attending a health conference in Florida, I heard a number of attendees talking about a program called SHAPE ReClaimed. I asked a practitioner about it, but truthfully, it sounded too good to be true: a lifestyle program without any gimmicks, where people decreased inflammation, released weight and felt great? I was intrigued.

I went home and tried the SHAPE Program myself and asked three patients to try it as well. We all loved it! Years later, I’m still doing the SHAPE Program! Over the years my practice has grown, I use SHAPE ReClaimed with about 85% of my patients and have had about 800 patients go through the program so far.

The results are wonderful, with weight release being only one component of the overall health benefits. SHAPE ReClaimed is a lifestyle program that is truly amazing.

Barbara Goshorn, BSN, RN, MSACN
Webster, NY
SHAPE Practitioner since 2013

SHAPE ReClaimed