The attention to detail has improved and mobilized our business.

Nurse Bridgette and I are so please with the major improvements made to the SHAPE website and overall renewed vision and look [in Spring 2020]! We wanted to especially thank SHAPE Central for the attention to detail in every aspect to improve and mobilize our business related to SHAPE ReClaimed. It has truly been an answer to our prayers!

The area we have seen the most improvements has been the organic traffic we have received from our Find-a-Practitioner directory listing. We are seeing terrific responses from people searching for virtual/remote service as an option due to the nature of this 2020 health dilemma in this country and around the world.

I believe SHAPE ReClaimed continues to present ways to give each practitioner exposure to “hang in there” and continue to keep up the good fight. We continue to pursue “changing the world” as Nurse Bridgette mentioned at the 2019 SHAPE Symposium.

We are confident that incorporating SHAPE ReClaimed is one of best lines of defense to improve the lives and health of our nation.

Chef Cat Alaimo
Akron, OH
Certified SHAPE Chef