Summer’s Here

This photo reminds me of sitting on the shoreline of Lake Superior and one of my favorite things to do in the Northwoods!

Summer sunrises and sunsets are to be savored!

Know that we, and SHAPE Central, will continue to be available to help and support you while everyone is enjoying summer vacations, kids home from school (some would debate this being enjoyable…LOL), boating, swimming, kayaking, biking, music in the park and an occasional trip to the ice cream shop! Admit it…those who love ice cream indulge!

You won’t hear from us via UPDATE FROM THE FOUNDERS again until September.

Summer is typically the slowest season for folks jumping on board and committing to SHAPE…unless they truly understand the real value of the drops. As Dr. Todd so eloquently says…SHAPE done poorly is better than no SHAPE at all.  When they do understand, they continue taking drops for total health support. Why not discuss the value of being proactive and staying on top of inflammation and continuing to support immune health? History has proven, those who continue taking drops when they are not 100% committed to eating clean do not lose as much ground over the summer.

Dr. Todd and I have been taking SHAPE for 14 years now. I call them my homeopathic multi. Every ingredient was added for a specific reason and to support a specific system in the body. 

So why not join us? Click here to order product!

As you know, we’ve partnered with AlterCall to mentor us personally and professionally. We were drawn to AlterCall because of their faith-based approach for entrepreneur’s such as ourselves, as well as all of our SHAPE practitioners who are self-employed. While the owners are Christians, they honor all faiths as you all know we do as well. We believe we are all children of God and it serves us all best to honor one another and learn to build bridges. Many have heard Linda say, one of her favorite bumper stickers is the COEXIST sticker. We must learn to love one another in spite of our differences to succeed in life and business.

Our first introduction to AlterCall was from signing up for their 50 Principles Course. We found it to be filled with truth and want to share with all of you.

AlterCall has gifted our SHAPE family access to their Kajabi program with free access to their 50 Principles Course without entering their entire marketing system and become an “official lead” where they work to draw you in as a client. 

Should you have a desire to engage at a higher level, let us know and we will get you connected. They will give our SHAPE family a 50% discount should you choose to work on your own personal and business growth at a more intensive level. Otherwise, you would land in their national marketing system and they would not know you are a part of our SHAPE family, thus be charged full price to engage in their programs.…

For those who want to engage, I’d love to have some dialog within our practitioner FB group. If you haven’t joined, you’re sure missing out on some clinical pearls shared by Dr. Todd, Dr. Beth and many of our amazing SHAPE colleagues.…

Throughout the summer, let’s listen to one principle a day and share your thoughts. Do you “own” that principle or do you “need to work on” that principle?


1. The further you go, the further you see.

2. The truth is simple.

3. You’re not always where you want to be, but you’re always where you need to be.

4. The answers you seek come from the questions you ask.

5. Do what you love because your soul knows.

…and 45 additional amazing principles to ponder and put into practice.

We welcomed Fat to Energy LemonAid as an exhibitor for the first time to our 2023 Symposium and they were so well received, they completely sold out at the event. We’ve had great feedback from those already offering to their patients/clients. When you read “natural flavors” in their ingredient list, please note it is a natural lemon extract and a tiny amount of maltodextrin. It’s not measurable enough which allows them to advertise as zero sugar. 

Dr. Todd and I would allow our patients to use LemonAid.

Click here to go to their website. 

Use the code NEW to receive $5 off your purchase.

New Payment Processor 

  1. There’s a 3% surcharge for all credit card transactions
  2. The system does NOT accept Debit cards
  3. There are NO FEES if you pay with ACH (personal or business checking account)
    • If using a business checking account, you MUST enter the company name on the LEFT side of the screen under ‘Billing Details’
    • Also on the LEFT side of the screen under ‘Billing Details’ be sure your phone number ONLY lists the 10 digit number; NO dashes and NO ‘1’ in front of the number
  4. Please know that we are working to add this information to the check-out page of our website
  5. You can save your payment information in the vault
  6. SHAPE Central does not have access to your payment information

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we acclimate to our new system.

Share Your Testimonies With Us – Calling One and All to Submit!

Your success stories are a valuable tool and tremendous encouragement to others. We will be working on Why the Face website: over the summer and particularly on adding testimonies.  Dr. Todd is looking for testimonies pertaining to the book, Master Class and WTF Software. A two minute video would be awesome. Simply have someone film you with your phone and send the recording to us at

It has been several years since we have added new testimonies to our SHAPE website. We would love to receive some of the amazing testimonies we are hearing when we connect with you personally. Even filming your patients/clients testimonies would be wonderful. Written testimonies are always welcome and great if you can include a photo of your patient/client and get their permission to post to our national website. Please email your testimonies, videos and photos to us at