Stay positive and remember you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. – C.W.

Before starting the SHAPE ReClaimed lifestyle, I had no idea how depressed and unhappy the quality of my life was. I hated when it was time to go shopping for the new school year, being told they don’t carry my size, and being forced to shop in the plus-size section. I hated how I looked and how I felt. I avoided stairs because people would look at me funny when I had to pause to catch my breath.

In attempts to lose weight, I foolishly tried a variety of different diets. Nothing worked! I wasted time, money and tears on diets that claimed they were the best and would make me lose weight quick.

Feeling defeated, I turned to Dr. Brenda Nairn. She told me about the SHAPE Program. I started the program the summer of 2014 at 277 pounds. I was thought to be the one who would not succeed and that fueled my determination to prove them all wrong.

Learning how to eat was probably the most difficult. I had no idea how bad my habits were. Going out to eat and traveling became a planned task. Apples became my best friend and worst enemy. I have been working on the program for over a year.

I stopped the drops in September of this year. My ideal weight I was looking for was 150 lbs. I stopped the drops at 160 lbs. I am still working my way to my goal, and how I want to look and feel, which is the most important part of this lifestyle.

One of the best feelings and experiences I have had off of the program was window shopping. I was just looking at some clothes at a store and a saleswoman walked over and said, “That is the plus-size section. Nothing will fit you over there.” I was so happy, I cried. All of my work had paid off. I scared the woman and had to explain my tears.

This lifestyle does not end when you stop the drops. It is a constant effort, but one that is well worth the work. The toughest part of this change is the choices you make and how determined you are to reach your goals. Small goals are important and help keep you from getting discouraged. Set goals for the week, not just in pounds or inches lost, but in how much exercise you can accomplish in a week. Stay positive and remember you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Be stubborn and push yourself.

I had a great support group of my mother and younger sister and a constant reminder that I had to weigh in every two weeks at Dr. Nairn’s office. Special thanks to my family and Dr. Brenda Nairn for all of the support in helping me reach my goal.


Submitted by Dr. Brenda Nairn