Shopping and trying on clothes became enjoyable again. – Carol B.

Six years ago, on a routine visit with Dr. Amy Pike, I inquired about a program she had displayed at her office. She took the time to explain how this new way of eating would enhance my life. I decided to give it a chance and found that she was absolutely correct.

After becoming a widow, my eating habits had deteriorated, and I gained quite a bit of weight. I knew I needed help but didn’t know where to turn. Dr. Amy introduced me to this program, which I started and followed diligently. With my history of trying weight-loss programs in the past, I thought I would feel deprived; however, I found this not to be the case.

My health improved as I enjoyed more energy and stamina. I do volunteer work almost every day, and I found it much easier to move and handle the quick pace that’s required. I also noticed the change in my body (no more saddlebags). Shopping and trying on clothes became enjoyable again. My total weight reduction is 60 pounds, and I can happily report I have kept it off.

I started this plan without telling my family members, as they were in another state. The first time my daughter and daughter-in-law saw me, they were blown away by the results. They both decided to give the program a try and have also had the same amazing success. We are now a family with better eating habits and fuller lives. We have even been able to stay on the plan while hosting family parties.

I would recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their health and way of life. My deepest gratitude to Dr. Amy Pike for the encouragement and gentle nudge to start on this positive lifelong path.


Practitioner: Dr. Amy Pike