SHAPE Symposium Audio Pkg & Why the Face Software Instructions



“Comprehensive & enjoyable…Well worth the investment…It expanded my knowledge beyond my expectations…Inspiring; I feel empowered!”

These are just a few of the comments people have shared regarding their experience at the 2023 SHAPE Symposium. The weekend was filled with powerful teachings, inspirational discussions, faith, laughter, tears, and so much more! 

If you weren’t able to attend, we’ve got some GREAT news! The Audio Recording & PowerPoint presentation from the Symposium is now available for purchase. Don’t miss out on these valuable teachings! 

*Pending online CE approval from Missouri State Board of Chiropractic Examiners


SYMPOSIUM ATTENDEES: You have been given FREE access to the Audio Recording & PowerPoint Presentation as part of your registration fee. Simply login to the SHAPE website, go to the left side of the screen, click on the ‘3 bookends’ icon that reads ‘Courses’, then click on SHAPE Symposium to begin.



WTF? Why the Face

Facial Analysis Master Class

If you haven’t signed up for the WTF? Why the Face Facial Analysis Master Class, what’s stopping you? Dr. Todd poured his heart, soul and 40 years of experience and knowledge into this amazing class in order to teach YOU how to help others using facial analysis. 

Please note: the WTF? Why the Face book serves as the textbook for the Master Class. While purchasing the book is not required to take the class, we highly recommend it as there are things included in the book that are not in the Class and things included in the Class that are not in the book.


How to use the Why the Face Software

Those who complete the Master Class are given a code for a FREE 30-day trial. If you received a FREE 30-day trail at the Symposium, you’re not eligible for another 30-day FREE trial. To register for the software, go to to Note that when you register for the software, you will create your own link.

When registering for the software subscription, be mindful when creating your personal link. Everyone’s link will start with: by your name. You may want to add dr or doctor before your name or use no credential at all; the choice is yours.,

COMING SOON…you will be able to add your credential AFTER your name  Example:,,RN, etc. If you do NOT create a link, the system will create one for you. If that happens and you’re unsure what your user name is, you can find it by clicking on “Create new” in the software header and then copy the address link available in the browser.

Please note: YOU MUST INVOICE YOUR PATIENT/CLIENT FOR THIS FACIAL ANALYSIS THROUGH YOUR OWN BUSINESS ACCOUNTING PROGRAM. It is our recommendation you bill for the analysis FIRST, then after they pay for the analysis, send them your direct link to upload their photos. *We’re working on INCLUDING this feature in the whythefaceapp version 2.0!

Steps to using the software:

  1. Send or share the following with your patient/client: personal link here
  2. They will login to your direct link and follow the instructions to upload their photos, as well as, their name, email address and phone number.
  3. You will find their photos in your personal app under New Submissions
  4. You will click on Face Shapes and their photos will pop up.
  5. You will begin choosing their face shape first, click finish face shapes, next click the little face button (to determine right side/left side analysis), click finish and move to the Ears button and so on down through the entire macro system.
  6. We are working to ADD a button titled ‘Not Relevant’ coming soon.
  7. If there is nothing to denote for a particular feature, simply skip to the next feature.
  8. Each time you click a button, the information behind that button that describes that chosen feature will be added to a pdf report that will be displayed for your review when you finish working your way through all the features.
  9. You will then review the pdf report to confirm you have analyzed correctly and either go back to make your corrections or click Finish.
  10. The next and final page: Potential Health Concerns is a “working Word document” where you can type your final thoughts. Dr. Todd always uses the word “Possible.” EXAMPLE:
    * inherited liver weakness
    * low blood sugar tendencies
    * oxygen debt
    * tipped uterus
    * etc…
  11. Click Finish & Download PDF
  12. The report will be Archived in your software subscription forever
  13. You can click: Save As and keep a copy of the report for their patient/client records should you choose for easy reference
  14. Email a copy of the PDF Report to your patient/client