SHAPE Supplement

Our SHAPE Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement uses only the highest quality, organic and wildcrafted raw materials. It is safe, effective and hormone-free.

SHAPE ReClaimed was developed by Dr. Todd Frisch after decades of researching the relationship between nutrition and wellness.

What began as an effort to help his wife has resulted in a proven program that has helped thousands ReClaim their health.

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SHAPE Nanomolecular
Dietary Supplement
2 fl. oz.

Our SHAPE Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement uses only the highest quality, organic and wildcrafted raw materials. It is safe, effective and hormone-free, and we do not use any synthetic fillers or binders, corn ethanol, preservatives or color stabilizers.

The Complete Patient Guidebook
34 pages

When you begin your SHAPE ReClaimed journey, you will receive this Guidebook and a bottle of SHAPE Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement, so you can transform your health and ReClaim your life.

pH ReClaimed
Concentrated Mineral Drops
2 fl.oz

A pH-balanced body is a healthy body. Our pH ReClaimed Concentrated Mineral Drops can help you achieve the balance you need.

MOOD ReClaimed
90 Capsules

Whether or not you’re doing the SHAPE ReClaimed program, MOOD ReClaimed might be the missing piece that can help you ReClaim your emotional health.

SKIN ReClaimed
8 fl. oz.

Life’s rough, but your skin doesn’t have to be. SKIN ReClaimed Healing Lotion eases symptoms of dry, cracked, scaly and itchy skin.

SHAPE ReClaimed:
Simple Recipes for Phase I
63 pages

This cookbook by Ashley Nanney is a perfect jumpstart to your SHAPE ReClaimed journey and beyond. It contains more than 50 Phase I-approved recipes – beverages, spice mixes, protein dishes, desserts, marinades, cooking tips and more.

This book is available through SHAPE ReClaimed practitioners

30 Day Anti-Inflammatory Challenge
63 pages

Change your life and jump start your anti-inflammatory diet today. This book by Ashley Nanney will walk you through the rationale behind anti-inflammatory eating, provide you with a 30-day menu and give you the tools you need to reduce symptoms of inflammatory conditions. It is a great resource for Phase II and III of SHAPE ReClaimed to help you in your continued journey to better health.

This book is available through SHAPE ReClaimed practitioners.

SELF ReClaimed
Self-Empowerment Toolkit

ReWrite Your Story and ReClaim Your Life with our SELF ReClaimed self-empowerment toolkit. Envision yourself healthy. Learn new habits and beliefs. Experience the freedom of choice. Live the life of your dreams.

Our program and products will never be sold online or to the general public. We work exclusively with licensed practitioners who have been trained on how to use our program to help you discover a healthier you. We also require our practitioners to closely monitor patients to ensure patient safety, improve results and guide you toward long-term health.

"I got off ALL blood pressure meds."
- Linda G.

"Relieved pain and symptoms of carpal tunnel that surgery wasn’t able to correct."
- Angela T.

"We flew recently to Florida, and I didn't need the extender seat belt. I always felt self-conscious when I flew, I never fit in the seat right and then had to ask for the extension. No more. I fit in the seat with room to spare, and I don't need the extender ever again!"
- Bill D.

"Down to two prescriptions from six!"
- Kathy C.

"Blood sugar went from 125 to 75 in the morning!"
- Carrie A.

"Arthritic pain in hands and knees is gone."
- Debbie S.

"My hubby brags on me and shows off my before and after pics."
- Jan R.

"GERD gone after three days eating on SHAPE ReClaimed, and is still gone a year later. I feel so good I never want to eat differently. I didn’t even know how bad I felt until I enjoyed all this wellness. The weight release was just a bonus."
- Eva Q.

"Less inflammatory pain!"
- Colleen M.

"I have more energy to chase my grandchildren. Love it."
- Candy A.

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