SHAPE ReClaimed Practitioner Testimonials

The SHAPE ReClaimed program has made an enormous impact on practitioners and patients all over the country as they discover the healing transformation that takes place with this program. Bridgette Zmorowski “We’re going to change the world, and you’re going to see it happen.”
Bridgette Zmorowski, RN
SHAPE Practitioner since 2019

My partner in life and in business, Chef Cat, said she was going to go on the SHAPE ReClaimed program. I was skeptical at first, because my classic medical training was keeping me from really understanding how it works. But I saw her benefit from it personally, and then I saw her get excited about becoming a SHAPE-certified chef. Meanwhile, I had to retire from hospital and nursing home nursing because I could see that our standard medical practices were harming people. I had to figure out what my place in life is. Why did God have me go through training to be an RN if I was going to have to leave hospital work? I had been working with Chef Cat in her business, and then I realized that with my credentials I could become a SHAPE practitioner! I could use my medical background to be more than just a nurse and to actually work with clients to help heal them.

So here we are, and from the moment we arrived at the symposium, my equilibrium shifted. I felt that something was different. We acknowledged our Creator first, because this is how we’re enabled to heal. Not because we’re really smart, but because God said, “You have an interest in helping people? Here, I’m going to put you around people who have information that can help you do that.” This has been one of the most impacting events in my adult life. This is changing the world, right here. We’re going to change the world, and you’re going to see it happen. I want to pioneer a new way of nursing. This is going to give me an opportunity and platform to actually heal. SHAPE ReClaimed is changing lives in more ways than one.

Kathy Kulba “My patients have fallen back in love with themselves.”
Kathy Kulba
SHAPE Practitioner since 2017

I was introduced to SHAPE ReClaimed through another doctor. Not only was this program better than the one I’d been using, I was now part of this community of people who have all of this information to share and we’re all working together. I am healthier now because of SHAPE ReClaimed. I share it with my family, my friends and my patients, and they are ecstatic about it.

I have been a practitioner since 2017. It’s definitely beneficial for my business. It’s added more revenue to my practice. I’ve been a Gonstead practitioner for 26 years, and it’s hard on the joints. I would like to be a viable doctor into my 80s. I wanted to find something that could take me into the next chapter of my life. I don’t want to just retire; I want to still make a difference, but not necessarily at the expense of my body. The patients I’ve worked with so far have all fell back in love with themselves. My sister did the program and looks 20 years younger. She regained all this confidence that she had lost. She’s nearing retirement and she has just blossomed back into her old self.

Jason Ameling “My patients have completely transformed their lives with this program.”
Dr. Jason Ameling
SHAPE Practitioner since 2012

I was a skeptic at first. I thought SHAPE ReClaimed was some kind of fad. My wife wanted to try it, so we decided to do it together. In the first month or two, we felt the best we had ever felt. The program worked. We were exercising together, as well, and I remember the point where I was able to walk up and down stairs with my children and not get winded. This program allowed me to quickly and easily manage my weight. My skin cleared up, my clothes starting fitting better, I wasn’t sore after sleeping and I had greater mental clarity. It was fantastic. I’ve been a SHAPE practitioner since 2012 and some of my patients have completely transformed their lives with this program. They were a completely different person before they walked in the door. They doubted themselves and were self-conscious, and now they feel like they can take control of their life.

Barbara Goshorn “The results are wonderful.”
Barbara Goshorn, BSN, RN, MSACN
SHAPE Practitioner since 2013

About five years ago, while attending a health conference in Florida I heard a number of attendees talking about a program called SHAPE ReClaimed. I asked a practitioner about it, but truthfully it sounded too good to be true: a lifestyle program without any gimmicks, where people decreased inflammation, released weight and felt great? I was intrigued.

I went home and tried the SHAPE ReClaimed program myself and asked three patients to try it as well. We all loved it! Five years later, I’m still doing the SHAPE ReClaimed program! Over the years my practice has grown, I use SHAPE ReClaimed with about 85% of my patients, and have had about 800 patients go through the program so far.

The results are wonderful, with weight release being only one component of the overall health benefits. SHAPE ReClaimed is a lifestyle program that is truly amazing.

Joan Hogan “My knowledge has increased and continues to increase.”
Joan Hogan, RN
SHAPE Practitioner since 2015

I started SHAPE ReClaimed with one of my siblings. The health benefits have been great! My knowledge has increased and continues to increase from all of the information disseminated by Dr. Frisch. I have so much admiration for both Dr. Todd and Linda, for their complete authenticity.

Laura Smith “A miraculous personal and professional journey.”
Laura Smith, RD
SHAPE Practitioner since 2013

SHAPE ReClaimed has been a miraculous personal and professional journey. It is a blessing that it is a program built on faith, love and integrity, which is extremely refreshing!

Mark Schopp “SHAPE ReClaimed has added another dimension to my practice.”
Dr. Mark Schopp
SHAPE Practitioner since 2015

SHAPE ReClaimed has added another dimension to my practice. It has also gotten my wife involved in a big way. I have changed the direction of the practice because of SHAPE ReClaimed.

Linda Howes “It has totally reshaped my practice!”
Linda Howes, CN
SHAPE Practitioner since 2013

Not only has this program made a difference in the lives of my clients, but it has also reshaped my practice! I’m working with amazing, motivated clients from coast to coast. They inspire me every day.

I am so grateful and cannot thank the Frisches enough for the support they share with all of us, for the Facebook page that motivates and inspires, for the additional products that support the program and for all of the great practitioners sharing their wisdom and journeys.

Sharon Fitelson “Revitalized my chiropractic and acupuncture practice.”
Dr. Sharon Fitelson,
SHAPE Practitioner since 2011

Benefits of SHAPE ReClaimed:

  • Exponential growth
  • Broadens the scope of what we treat, as its results are foundational.
  • Inflammation reduced so the body can restore itself to its optimal health.
  • Revitalized my chiropractic and acupuncture practice.

I was already doing hormonal work before SHAPE ReClaimed, so now it is even more effective. Thank you, Todd and Linda, 1,000 times over … as do my patients thank us!

Elizabeth Perino “This is the greatest program ever.”
Elizabeth Perino, BSN, RN
SHAPE Practitioner since 2015

This is the greatest program ever. I have not only literally and figuratively saved my own life with this program, I have changed and improved the lives of my clients as well. We truly can help people have A Healthier Life.

Sonia Kwapisinski “It really opens up many doors in your practice and in life.”
Dr. Sonia Kwapisinski
SHAPE Practitioner since 2014

SHAPE ReClaimed has been a wonderful addition to my practice. It has made functional medicine a staple of my practice. I love what it has done for me personally, how it has transformed patients’ health and how it has expanded my practice. I would highly recommend attending the SHAPE ReClaimed conferences and using the program in your practice, as it really opens up many doors in your practice and in life.

Thomas DiSalvatore “A realistic option that addresses the core of most illnesses.”
Dr. Thomas DiSalvatore
SHAPE Practitioner since 2012

SHAPE ReClaimed was the missing link to our practice. We now have a realistic option for our patients that addresses the core of most illnesses: toxicity and inflammation.

“I have added life to their years.”
Dr. Richard Hathcock
SHAPE Practitioner since 2011

The first question I ask before I bring a new protocol, therapy or device into the practice is, “Will this truly benefit my patients’ lives?” For the SHAPE ReClaimed program, the answer is a resounding yes.

The SHAPE ReClaimed program has greatly broadened my patients’ view of me beyond the traditional “back and neck” practice — so much so that I am even changing the name of my clinic. I have added life to their years and money to their pockets in drugs they no longer need.

Dr. Frisch and his entire staff have been an enormous help along the way. If they cannot take a call immediately (which is rare), they are very diligent to make sure I get a return phone call and the questions answered that I need. I feel very confident in the product as well, because I know by whom and where it is manufactured. Their clinical support manuals are very thorough.

“I can provide my patients with better, more effective solutions.”
Dr. Joe Di Carlo
SHAPE Practitioner since 2014

The SHAPE ReClaimed program has enabled me to positively affect my patients’ health by decreasing inflammation and, of course, helping with weight loss. Since patients now see a broader health value in weight reduction, this has brought many patients into my office who would not normally be interested in chiropractic care. Now I can present chiropractic care to these patients to work hand in hand with SHAPE ReClaimed. Most importantly, this has allowed me to provide my patients with better, more effective healthcare solutions.

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