GEMA Licenses

Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association (GEMA, pronounced jee-mah) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers ecclesiastical holistic health practitioner licenses, guidance, business support and memberships to professionals in the natural health field.

What are GEMA's goals?

  • Assist individuals worldwide in connecting those who need wellness care with those who can provide it.
  • Defend the rights of holistic health practitioners.
  • Maintain high standards and safety within restorative medicine.
  • Sponsor educational and faith-based webinars and conferences throughout the world to improve holistic health services and accessibility.


Why apply for a GEMA license? 

  • Stay safe and legal as you provide holistic health services, under rights of US Constitution.
  • Pre-qualified for Board Certification with (American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners).
  • Affordable monthly fees.  No long-term contract.  Cancel anytime.
  • Pre-qualified for professional liability insurance through Lockton Affinity Insurance Company.
  • Optimized directory listing (custom URL) with our Holistic Health Link partnership.
  • Practitioner Staff/Assistants low cost membership, when practitioner is licensed GEMA member.
  • GEMA Staff support is superior.  Quick response time.  Chat available 9-9 M-Sat.
  • Legal services provided by NCLL - the National Center for Life and Liberty.
  • Affiliate Program - earn $25 per referral when admission fee is paid.
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