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Why, When and How Should I Do a Protein Day?

Sometimes, a practitioner or a fellow SHAPE Warrior might suggest doing a “protein day.” This is a day where you only eat a single, dense-protein food, along with an apple or a tomato. Sometimes it is referred to as a “steak and apple day.”

Doing a protein day can help reduce inflammation and/or jumpstart progress after a long stall or after experiencing a negative reaction, such as bloating, after introducing a new food during Phase II.

protein day steak

However, before you decide to do a protein day, you must discuss it with your SHAPE practitioner to be sure this is the right decision based on your symptoms (weight gain, bloating, inflammation, etc.). He or she will evaluate your medical history, your urinalysis and your overall progress with SHAPE ReClaimed to determine whether a protein day is right for you. Again, protein days should only be done at the direction of your practitioner.

Apples and tomatoes

During a protein day, you can eat 12–16 oz. of steak, along with an apple or raw tomato. It is best to eat small portions throughout the day. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

If you do not eat red meat, you can choose any other dense protein as long as you stick to that chosen protein for the entire day.

Remember: A protein day is not a quick fix for making poor food choices. Doing protein days repeatedly will only cause a greater metabolic imbalance, which can affect your long-term results. Instead, work with your practitioner to determine why you are experiencing a stall, why you have an increase in inflammation or what is causing sudden weight gain.

Any degree of rapid weight gain or sudden onset of inflammation may be a warning sign that you are sensitive or allergic to a particular food group. It may also warrant digging deeper to uncover digestive dysfunction or other health concerns. Your practitioner has been trained to address these issues.

August 6, 2018

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