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Transforming Your Health with SHAPE ReClaimed

New Patient Training Course: Video 1 Transcript

Thanks for taking the time to watch this health-transforming video.

We love the quote by Maya Angelou, “When you know better, you do better.” We at SHAPE believe in educating those who are choosing SHAPE to transform their health. When you understand the physiology behind declining health, you’re better equipped to do what it takes to reverse that decline. It’s our hope you’ve decided to partner with one of our SHAPE practitioners and are ready to do what it takes to ReClaim your health.

Together, SHAPE practitioners have formed an alliance and our collective mission is “Transforming Healthcare: One Patient at a Time.” Most of the health complaints we see in clinics today are brought on by poor lifestyle choices. We’ve become a nation that manages disease rather than one that is focused on reversing disease. All across this country, patients are ReClaiming vibrant health by simply embracing a SHAPE lifestyle that supports healing.

SHAPE is not about what you will lose, it’s about what you will gain. SHAPE’s unique formula was created to support the healing philosophy of Dr. Todd Frisch, better known as Dr. Todd. It’s four-pronged approach decreases inflammation, enhances immune function, detox and cleanses, all while assisting the body with releasing stored, toxic fat. Not only are folks ReClaiming their SHAPE, more importantly they’re ReClaiming their health.

Oftentimes we are asked, “Why is SHAPE any different than any other diet I’ve tried? How do I know this diet won’t fail me just like all the others?” We believe SHAPE is unique in that we don’t consider it just a “diet,” but rather a lifestyle modification, health restoration program. Dr. Todd spent decades working with patients clinically, and not only personally tried, but recommended a long list of diets that failed in the long run. Certainly, some lost weight, but their overall health didn’t improve dramatically.

When you choose SHAPE to restore your health, you will be working closely with a licensed health care professional. They will determine an appropriate follow-up schedule based on your health history and progress with the program. We pride ourselves on being a program that is specifically built to the unique needs of the individual. Though we’ve laid a foundation from which to work, the program is individualized based on your personal metabolic needs. SHAPE is practical, effective and most important, you’ll be eating real, whole food.

As with any successful health transformation program, it must be understood: the patient who incorporates fundamentally sound lifestyle choices (physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally), has the greatest hope of long-term success. SHAPE provides the opportunity to learn new habits, new lifestyle choices and how food plays a primary role in your overall healing.

During your initial visit with one of our SHAPE practitioners, you’ll discuss your overall health and weight goals. The key to your success is being intentional with your practitioner follow-up and follow-through while embracing the program as it is designed.

We believe God intended for each of us to live a long, healthy life. Many think there are some who were born under a “lucky star” and everything works in their favor. Maybe, maybe not. What we know to be true: most succeed because they are determined to. They set their intention on whatever it is they want to achieve and let nothing stand in their way. No excuse deters their mission to go after and accomplish their goal. It’s sheer determination.

We’re all a constant work in progress. Every day brings opportunity for us to learn something new, an opportunity for us to improve ourselves. Being willing to change is half the battle. SHAPE will stretch you, bend you, and even break you from old toxic habits that no longer serve your new healthy SHAPE lifestyle.

Thomas Jefferson Quote

Look who made this statement [left]. Amazing, right? We simply cannot rely on the government to lead us to health. Never have. Never will. We vote with every dollar we spend at our grocery stores. If the government won’t tighten the reigns on our food industry, we must rise up, band together and stop spending our hard-earned money on foods that are making us sick and fat.

Time Magazine Inflammation

Unfortunately, with the mass of obesity, comes inflammation. When Time Magazine put out this cover article, inflammation became the new buzzword, even though it was always the underlying cause of many of our illnesses and diseases.

As you can see [below], inflammation spreads its tentacles into every aspect of health and wreaks havoc all across the board. How many of these symptoms are you struggling with? We ask you to consider: What SHAPE is your health in?

1.11 Inflammation

As you can see [below, left], there are many triggers contributing to inflammation. The list on this slide and the next is self-explanatory, but let’s talk about a few of these. We all know that aging is a part of life, but poor diet and lifestyle decisions definitely accelerate aging. Unfortunately, we have a mass of compromised immune systems and, my goodness, are we seeing a ton of food sensitivities like never before. We believe healing the digestive system will alleviate many of our food intolerances.

Continuing from the previous slide, this slide [below, right] focuses on dietary issues specifically. Once again, we come back to digestive health. Eating a clean diet improves digestion dramatically. We look at liver function and, needless to say, our lives are overburdened. SHAPE helps to detox and cleanse so we can rebuild healthy digestive function. We address pH balance, and finally, one’s ability to cope and adapt to life’s stresses.

1.12 Common Inflammatory Triggers 1
1.13 Common Inflammatory Triggers 2

We believe the three T’s are also important to consider: Timing is all about the body performing a normal function, but at the wrong time. Toxicity means the body is so toxic, the toxins are taking over normal body function; and Thoughts represent the patient’s negative and destructive thoughts that are creating a toxic reaction, all of which can contribute to inflammation.

This is another example of the multitude of influences that affect our total health. When we make sound lifestyle choices, our long-term health will reap the rewards. Any imbalance in this delicate puzzle of life can increase our metabolic risk.

1.14 Signals that drive metabolic risk

Before you begin, we encourage you to truly examine your heart and jot down all the reasons why you want to make positive changes in your life. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you struggling with symptoms that are getting in the way of living your best life? Laying down old toxic eating habits and embracing a new relationship with food isn’t easy, but we assure you it will be worth it. When you want to give up, your “why” will become the driving force to staying committed.

Your success with our program will truly depend on how serious and committed you are to improving your health. Everyone who has been successful with the program will tell you they set aside time each week to shop and prepare meals ahead of time. I love to put on my favorite music and spend a few hours in the kitchen each week planning for the days ahead. I make this a priority. It’s the only way I can maintain healthy eating habits.

The most important thing we need you to remember: your health didn’t decline overnight and you simply won’t reach your goal overnight. It takes doing a lot right, over a period of time. I give you my word, though. If you commit, you will reap the rewards of all your hard work and dedication.

We’re very proud to offer you a one-of-a-kind, 100% handcrafted, organic product formulated to the specifications of Dr. Todd. You can find a position paper on SHAPE’s unique formula detailing our product within our website.

Let’s do a little exercise together. I’d like for you to join me. Clasp your hands together, interlocking your fingers as though you’re praying. Are you a right-thumb-over-left, or a left-thumb-over-right? I’m a right-over-left. Now, pull your hands apart and put them back together again the opposite direction. Feels awkward, doesn’t it? It just doesn’t feel right. Well, that’s exactly how each ingredient had to fit into Dr. Todd’s formula. It had to fit perfectly to accomplish what he intended for this amazing product.

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