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Homotoxicology: Reversing Dis-Ease

New Patient Training Course: Video 4 Transcript

It is the humble opinion of Dr. Todd Frisch that Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg should have won the Nobel Prize in medicine for his brilliant theory of homotoxicology. He feels Reckeweg’s theory is the single most accurate explanation of how we humans get sick. It was early on that Dr. Todd stumbled across Reckeweg’s name when he was studying homeopathy. He feels privileged to have personally spoken to him for hours early in his career.

4.1 Hans Heinrich Reckeweg

As a side note, Dr. Todd was always a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character, Sherlock Holmes. As a child, he envied Holmes’ keen ability to see what no one else could see. This led to his desire to see beyond what is obvious. Thus, his passion for finding the missing link for a patient’s ability to heal.

As he searched deeper into trying to find out more about Dr. Reckeweg, he stumbled across homotoxicology and immersed himself in this study until he felt he understood it completely. From the moment Dr. Todd “got it,” he looked at every patient through the lens of Dr. Reckeweg’s amazing theory. From Reckeweg’s theory comes Dr. Frisch’s decision to combine ingredients for his SHAPE formula.

Dr. Reckeweg believed disease was either an appropriate defense to eliminate toxins or an attempt to compensate if elimination is not possible. Practitioners observe this every day in their practices. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to agree that this is exactly how everyone becomes sick.

Dr. Reckeweg believed the poison came from the air we breathe and the food we eat. This is certainly true. However, Dr. Todd believes we can be poisoned by the thoughts we think and the people we know, as well as the fat we store. He believes Dr. Reckeweg would agree with him 100% if he were alive today. We have learned that much of our toxins are stored in fat cells. SHAPE has certainly been any eye-opener. As we break down stored toxic fat, your health begins to improve. Four out of five of these entities continue to infiltrate our lives 24/7. There is no escape.

This slide [right] is so very important to understand. Dr. Reckeweg believed there were six steps between being healthy and developing a neoplasm. This invisible line is where the rubber meets the road in the disease process. If your health crosses this biological division, the ability to reverse the condition is severely compromised.

When you leave health and become poisoned, our Creator knew this would happen, and built within your body an incredible system to deal with these poisons. Dr. Reckeweg believed the body would simply recognize the poison and excrete it with minimal damage being done, hence the Excretion Phase is the first phase in homotoxicology. These are normal body functions and entities to deal with elimination.

4.5 6 Steps from Health to Neoplasm

If the poison goes deeper within the body, and it will, the body begins to react to the poison. There are really only two ways poison will go deeper: There is simply so much poison, it will overcome the body, forcing it to react; or there is a disturbance in homeostasis. Basically, the body and the poison try to keep each other in check or homeostasis.

If the body becomes weakened by an infection, the non-toxic entity to the balanced body now becomes toxic to the weakened state and the body is forced to react. Hence, the Reactionary Phase. If the poison continues to go deeper, again for the same two reasons mentioned in the Reactionary Phase, the liver is called upon to deal with these toxins more aggressively and become burdened.

The body says: “I can’t deal with this toxin right now so I’m simply going to place it aside and deal with it later.” It will basically deposit the poison. The body will build fat cells to store the toxins if it cannot eliminate the toxins through normal body function. These deposits typically go unnoticed and are benign but can grow to such a size they begin to mechanically obstruct normal function within the body.

The deposition of fat has become so epidemic, it is crushing our health care system. This nation and its focus on health care reform cannot and should not ignore this freight train heading toward disaster. We are convinced SHAPE has a profound effect in derailing this train. This may sound like a bold statement, but know this, if we stop the obesity epidemic, we stop the health care crisis in this country. Obesity is linked to virtually every disease that is crushing our health care system.

Once the poison reaches this phase, you are descending and close to crossing the biological division. In the Impregnation Phase, the poison goes deep within the cell, disrupting DNA, forming abnormal cells. Abnormal cells do what normal cells do, they divide. With enough divisions, these cells begin the first step toward devastating diseases that are so prevalent in our world today.

The most common impregnation symptom is the abnormal pap smear. We have noticed medicine is quite cavalier when a female’s pap comes back with abnormal cells. The most common statement we hear from a patient is their doctor saying, “We’ll keep an eye on this and recheck again in six months.” Bad idea. Our response is always, let’s think-and-link. Is the pH out of whack, how is the patient handling stress, is the liver overburdened and needing help? At this point, we can become very proactive in supporting The Healing Pyramid.

Here is where Dr. Reckeweg’s Theory of Homotoxicology becomes so significant. The patient has now crossed the biological division and has begun nurturing the named-disease monster. It now becomes more difficult to reverse the downward spiral in this patient’s health. With enough abnormal cells amassing themselves, it is only logical that we begin to see named diseases. We begin to see lupus, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Medicine really has no answers for these conditions, other than drugs that attempt to control the symptoms.

Functional medicine, with our think-and-link approach, can often disrupt the downward spiral occurring in these conditions. Can we cure them? We submit to you that we can influence the expression of these diseases by supporting the body in ways that allopathic medicine is unfamiliar with. Once again, we point you back to SHAPE. By eliminating fat, which is inflammatory and immuno-suppressive, it is only logical that the course of these diseases can be altered.

The sixth and final phase is the Neoplasm (or cancer) Phase. If we have learned one thing in the last three decades, it is allopathic medicine’s ability to significantly improve the health of the patient faced with cancer. Yes, the therapies are aggressive and toxic, but they are oftentimes effective. What is unfortunate is that so much time, effort and money has been given over to this final phase when the true cure of cancer is not succumb to it in the first place. What if the same time, effort and money were put toward true prevention as practiced by we unorthodox functional medicine physicians?

4.6 Reversing the Six Steps

Can you reverse health challenges? Of course you can, if you catch them early enough.

It’s never too late to start making the necessary changes. How about we quit putting toxins in our bodies, support the organs that deal with toxins, make sure the pathways of elimination are functioning properly, and teach you the proper ways to maintain vibrant health or restore your health to the best of our ability once your health has begun to decline.

When Dr. Todd came across this profound quote, he immediately thought of Dr. Reckeweg. Reckeweg was laughed at and ridiculed for his futuristic belief that we would all eventually develop cancer. All of us in functional medicine can relate.

Early in Dr. Frisch’s career, he was ridiculed and laughed at as well. He was referred to as the witch doctor, the quack or Dr. Duck. As he persisted in his quest to understand health outside the boundaries of western medicine, he began having clinical success bringing great opposition to the standard of care. He was all but ostracized, even by his own peers.

As the public has demanded more and more from their healthcare practitioners, it has become self-evident that the premise of functional medicine can complement all forms of health care.

4.7 All truth passes through three stages
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