Patient Education

New Patient Training Course

1. Transforming Your Health with SHAPE ReClaimed

Thanks for taking the time to watch this health-transforming video.

We love the quote by Maya Angelou, “When you know better, you do better.” We at SHAPE believe in educating those who are choosing SHAPE to transform their health. When you understand the physiology behind declining health, you’re better equipped to do what it takes to reverse that decline. It’s our hope you’ve decided to partner with one of our SHAPE practitioners and are ready to do what it takes to ReClaim your health.

2. SHAPE ReClaimed's Healing Philosophy

Now that you understand the basics about our program, let’s dig a bit deeper to help you understand why SHAPE is more than just a “diet,” by sharing the healing philosophy behind the development of our product. All of the ingredients in our formula were chosen to support this philosophy, formed out of decades of clinical experience by Dr. Todd Frisch.

When a doctor looks back at his or her career, they realize they saw patterns or similarities with many of the patients who sought their care. As Dr. Todd began working with patients and developing his own protocols, he realized patients got sick in many of the same repeating patterns. This helped to create a theory he refers to as his Dis-Ease Model. He describes “dis-ease” as the disharmony or lack-of-ease in the patient. Those in functional medicine are comfortable with this term. This isn’t “disease,” it's “dis-ease.”

3. How Your Health Declined

Taking you even further into the philosophy behind SHAPE, the Pyramid of Health was developed over decades of clinical experience working with thousands of patients suffering with simple to complex health conditions.

You will notice at the base of this pyramid is what we refer to as the bull’s-eyes. Most doctors shoot for a bull’s-eye first when they begin treating you. Not only do they try to fix what you are bringing to their attention, they also try to fix what they deem most serious. If you present with cancer or diabetes, you definitely want a doctor with that specific bull’s-eye mentality and rightfully so.

4. Homotoxicology: Reversing Dis-Ease

It is the humble opinion of Dr. Todd Frisch that Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg should have won the Nobel Prize in medicine for his brilliant theory of homotoxicology. He feels Reckeweg’s theory is the single most accurate explanation of how we humans get sick. It was early on that Dr. Todd stumbled across Reckeweg’s name when he was studying homeopathy. He feels privileged to have personally spoken to him for hours early in his career.

As a side note, Dr. Todd was always a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character, Sherlock Holmes. As a child, he envied Holmes’ keen ability to see what no one else could see. This led to his desire to see beyond what is obvious. Thus, his passion for finding the missing link for a patient’s ability to heal.

5. Succeeding with SHAPE ReClaimed

I hope I’ve encouraged you to take the necessary steps to change your current health situation. Make this your day, your commitment to yourself.

It is important you work with a SHAPE practitioner through all three phases for long-term success. You’ll begin to understand why we eliminated inflammatory and immuno-suppressive food groups when you start adding back some of the foods you have been avoiding. You will experience the cause-and-effect relationship of food-related symptoms. It is important you listen to what your body is saying loud and clear.

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