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Myths and Facts:
The 500-Calorie/hCG Diet

You may have heard a range of myths and facts about the SHAPE ReClaimed program. What’s true and what’s not?

We’d like to address two specific myths and facts related to the 500-calorie/hCG diet. The SHAPE ReClaimed program does not, nor has it ever recommended that a patient eat only 500 calories per day. In addition, the SHAPE nanomolecular dietary supplement does not contain hCG or any other hormones.

The SHAPE ReClaimed program was initially developed based on the research of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons who discovered the benefits of hCG for weight loss while incorporating an extremely strict 500-calorie diet protocol. His patients were given injectable hCG while being monitored in a hospital.

myths and facts

Some of Dr. Simeons’ research was sound, but with decades of additional nutrition information, the protocol research required significant changes. First, eating a mere 500 calories per day is not safe or wise for anyone. Second, the FDA made hCG illegal by 2013.

The SHAPE ReClaimed program uses a similar three-phase structure to Dr. Simeons’ program. We recommend reducing carbohydrate intake and eliminating grain, sugar and most dairy during Phase I (the cleansing phase). During this time, you’ll be monitored by your practitioner with a regular urinalysis at each office visit.

Every patient is unique; therefore, there is no single protocol that will work for everyone. By monitoring your metabolism with regular urinalyses, your practitioner can make any necessary adjustments. Your SHAPE journey will be specifically tailored for you, giving you the best chance for success.

We at SHAPE ReClaimed are constantly studying the latest data and research, which may result in changes to the program from time to time. Our goal is to separate myths and facts while developing the best program possible for total health and wellness.

August 6, 2018

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