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“When you know better, you do better.”

– Maya Angelou

“With SHAPE ReClaimed,
it’s not about
what you’ll lose,
it's about what
you’ll gain.”

– Dr. Todd Frisch

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New Patient Training Course

In this course, you'll learn about the healing philosophy behind SHAPE ReClaimed, how dis-ease becomes disease, the physiology behind your health concerns, the benefits of working with a SHAPE practitioner and how you can succeed on this life-changing program.

SHAPE ReClaimed FAQs

Get all the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the SHAPE ReClaimed program, the supplement, weight release and much more.

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glycerin in food

A Word About Glycerin in Food

Glycerin is becoming one of the most commonly added ingredients in stevia products. Learn more about why glycerin in food, in personal care products or in any other form is not approved on the SHAPE ReClaimed program.

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dietary carbohydrates

All About Dietary Carbohydrates

Dietary carbohydrates are found in foods like fruit, vegetables, grains, corn, bread, flour, pasta and beans. Learn more about why some carbohydrates are used in the SHAPE ReClaimed program and why some are not.

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dietary fat 1

All About Dietary Fat

Dietary fat is used in the body as a source of energy, similar to carbohydrates. Fat has been misunderstood for years. It was once believed that dietary fat made you fat, but as it turns out, fat is vitally important for good health. Here’s why.

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Dietary protein

All About Dietary Protein

Protein is a macronutrient that helps to build and maintain muscle and tissue. Dietary protein is essential to life and to your success during your SHAPE journey. Read on to learn about the unique way we classify proteins and which proteins are best for you.

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breakthrough bleeding

Changes in Menstruation and Breakthrough Bleeding

Some changes in menstruation, including breakthrough bleeding, are a good sign that your hormones are balancing and that your body is effectively releasing fat and ridding itself of excess estrogen. Read this article for more information.

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Daily Water Intake

Too little water will lead to dehydration, but too much water can also cause other problems. So, how much is right for you? There is no perfect answer that works for everyone, but there are some general guidelines to help you determine your optimal daily water intake.

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dry brushing 1

Dry Brushing – Get Your Glow On!

Dry brushing is an easy, effective and oh-so-enjoyable way to get healthy, vibrant, glowing skin. And if that’s not enough to love, dry brushing also supports the body’s ability to release weight and reshape. Learn more.

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Five Reasons Why Most Diets Fail

Perhaps you’ve tried every diet out there, only to be disappointed over and over again. You work so hard, you’re so hungry, and you spend hours in the gym, all for just a few lost pounds. You’re not alone! Here are five reasons why most diets fail.

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hair growth 1

Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Research shows that hair loss can occur during dramatic weight loss, but nearly all SHAPE patients will experience restored hair growth once their overall health is restored. Learn more about the reasons you may be experiencing changes in your hair.

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helpful resources 1

Helpful Resources for Your SHAPE Journey

Helpful Resources for Your SHAPE ReClaimed Journey: Your SHAPE practitioner and your SHAPE guidebook are your best resources for information about your journey to better health. But here are some other helpful resources that can help you succeed.

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shape reclaimed safe

Is SHAPE ReClaimed Safe?

We get asked all the time, “Is SHAPE ReClaimed safe?” The quick answer is yes, SHAPE ReClaimed is safe, and we’ll explain why.

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myths and facts

Myths and Facts: The 500 Calorie/hCG Diet

SHAPE ReClaimed does not, nor has it ever recommended that a patient eat only 500 calories per day. Also, SHAPE does not contain hCG or any other hormones. Separate the myths and facts with this article.

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Popular Artificial Sweeteners Are Not SHAPE Approved

Artificial sweeteners are a laboratory mixture of chemicals that taste sweet like sugar but have few to no calories. It’s easy to feel like you’re making a smart choice with products that use popular artificial sweeteners, but they are associated with a slew of negative symptoms including weight gain.

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The Problem with Preservatives

Our bodies weren’t designed to eat artificial ingredients and lab-created foods. We were meant to eat real food — the kind without labels at the grocery store. Learn which preservatives to avoid.

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energy drinks dangerous

Revved Up: The Danger of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are full of caffeine and chemicals that create a multitude of negative symptoms, especially when consumed in large quantities. Learn more about why these popular beverages should never be on your shopping list.

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SHAPE-Approved Extras

SHAPE-Approved Extras

Which foods are approved and which are not? This list of SHAPE-approved extras is meant to supplement the information in your printed guidebook and to guide you as you shop and plan your meals.

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healthy sweeteners

SHAPE-Approved Healthy Sweeteners

Living a life without anything sweet is unreasonable. Are there any SHAPE-approved healthy sweeteners? Yes! The SHAPE ReClaimed program offers two healthy alternatives to sugar: Stevia and xylitol.

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nanomolecular dietary supplement

SHAPE ReClaimed Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement

Our SHAPE Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement uses only the highest quality raw materials. It is safe, effective and hormone-free, without any synthetic fillers, binders or preservatives. Learn more about our product.

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Skin Problems

Are you experiencing rashes or other skin problems? There are three main reasons you might experience skin problems after starting the SHAPE ReClaimed program. Find out what they are.

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names for sugar

Sugar’s Identity Crisis: 71 Names for Sugar

Sugar consumption is linked with obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a host of other health disorders. All kinds of sweeteners are hidden in everyday foods under a variety of different names, including these 71 names for sugar.

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weight loss plateau 1

Weight Loss Plateau: Unraveling the Mystery

Throughout your SHAPE ReClaimed journey, your weight reduction may slow down at times. Before you panic, consider this list of reasons why you might be experiencing a weight loss plateau or rest period.

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SHAPE ReClaimed journey 1

What to Expect From Your SHAPE ReClaimed Journey

Now that you’ve chosen to begin your SHAPE ReClaimed journey to better health, here are six things you can expect to experience along the way.

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What’s in the Box? Understanding Product Labeling

Ignore all the marketing jargon on product labeling. It’s time to find out what you’re actually eating. We’ll teach you how to decode the Nutrition Facts label and what to look out for in the ingredients list on any product.

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Urinalysis strips

Why Urinalysis is Critical to Your Success

SHAPE ReClaimed is focused on helping you ReClaim your health. Urinalysis, or urine testing, helps your practitioner understand how to customize the program to your unique needs. Learn why.

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protein day steak

Why, When and How Should I Do a Protein Day?

Before you decide to do a protein day, you must discuss it with your practitioner to be sure this is the right decision based on your symptoms. Protein days should only be done at the direction of your practitioner. Find out more.

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You’re Not Crazy, It’s an Emotional Detox

While on your SHAPE ReClaimed journey, you may experience more than just a physical detox, you also might begin an emotional detox. So, if you’re feeling extra emotional, quick to cry, moody, irritable, extra angry, don’t worry. You’re not crazy, it’s an emotional detox.

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SHAPE ReClaimed Blog

Our blog series will explore a variety of topics to help you on your SHAPE ReClaimed journey. From lifestyle and cooking tips, nutrition information, victory stories, and recipes to tempt your taste buds, you’ll feel more confident and successful with each post.

Blog - Maya Angelou Quote
healthy sweeteners

What’s the Difference Between Stevia and Xylitol?

January 7, 2019

We get this question a lot: what’s the difference between stevia and xylitol? Both are approved sweeteners in Phase I of the SHAPE ReClaimed program, but they are very different. Here’s what you need to know: Stevia: Stevia is an herb that tastes sweet, but it does not look or act […]

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SHAPE Warrior Story: Sue Bittfield

December 27, 2018

In 5.5 years, I managed to release only 86 pounds. I desperately needed both knees replaced. No surgeon would touch me because of my weight. I investigated gastric bypass, even though I said I would never have the surgery for four reasons: If I didn’t change what I did or […]

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Introducing SHAPE-Certified Practitioners

December 19, 2018

When we launched this new website in August, one of the features we were most excited about was the SHAPE Practitioner Certification Course. Previously, when a new practitioner came on board with SHAPE ReClaimed, they would go through a 1-2 hour phone training. This was not a sustainable educational model […]

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"I’m a more confident, happier me."
- Charlene B.

"Pain free!"
- Amy W.

"No more acid reflux. Normal blood pressure. No more swelling. I can wear all my rings again. No more joint pain. I can shop all day and not be sore afterwards. I used to take over-the-counter sinus medications almost every day, but no more."
- Betty K.

"Two weeks in and swelled hands and feet ... gone!"
- Julie G.

"When I shop, I can buy what I actually LIKE rather than buying what fits. Because now, I can wear anything that's a size 8!"
- Kris E.

"Feeling great, my clothes seem to fit better, and aches and pains are gone!"
- Judy G.

"I can snowshoe with my grandkids instead of watching them from the porch! This program has been life saving!! !"
- Lisa P.

"I finally feel like my inside matches my outside. I can’t explain the confidence I feel now. I am in pictures with my kids. I have energy to live the life I want. I’m proud of myself. I understand I’m worth it, and I can do things I thought were impossible."
- Shannon M.

"I can walk again without pain, no longer have high blood pressure and blood sugar is normal!"
- Deb C.

"I feel good because I look good. Releasing pounds has led to releasing excess junk in my house. Everyone's benefitting."
- Tina H.

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