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Become a SHAPE ReClaimed Certified Restaurant

The Leader in Anti-Inflammatory Certification

The SHAPE ReClaimed Certified Restaurant Program is designed to work with food service establishments and professional chefs who wish to serve consumers eating an anti-inflammatory diet. Products carrying the SHAPE ReClaimed Certified seal represent menu items or products that meet anti-inflammatory doctor standards. We employ food preparation experts to develop, educate and train service establishments and culinary professionals to meet and adhere to the high standards of quality and integrity that SHAPE ReClaimed stands for.

What is SHAPE ReClaimed?

SHAPE ReClaimed is an anti-inflammatory wellness program used by doctors and health professionals across the nation to help their patients decrease total body inflammation, enhance immune function, detox and cleanse while releasing excess, toxic weight.

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What is SHAPE ReClaimed/Anti-Inflammatory Certification?

The SHAPE ReClaimed anti-inflammatory certification is a model of established best practices for anti-inflammatory food service. This certification is designed to attract patients and doctors to your establishment knowing that healthy anti-inflammatory foods are being served. Our certifications are customized to the specific needs of each food service provider and we provide professional support to help you implement the certification in the most efficient and powerful way possible.

You may have noticed that many restaurants and food products have started labeling identified products that are free of gluten, soy, dairy and other allergens. There is a rise in people eating out in establishments that pay attention to health concerns. We would like to help you be the leader in your industry as our nation becomes focused on wellness through food. The SHAPE ReClaimed Certified seal allows you to certify menu items that meet the anti-inflammatory doctor standards and to gain credibility as a trusted source for healthy food.

How does being certified benefit my business?

SHAPE ReClaimed patients/clients often fear dining out because they have no control over the preparation of their food. They want assurance that food establishments have healthy options that they know are compliant with a healthy anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Doctors struggle to provide recommendations for patients who choose to dine out or have meals delivered rather than cook for themselves. We want to help your business be known for providing these certified meal options and help patients and doctors in your area find and frequent your establishment. Your SHAPE ReClaimed certification provides consumer confidence that selecting your establishment is a healthy choice.

With our growing network of hundreds of doctors nationwide and over 16,000 patients on our private Facebook alone, advertising your restaurant’s certification to our audience at no cost to you is a tremendous opportunity.

What is involved in becoming a SHAPE ReClaimed certified restaurant?

To become SHAPE ReClaimed certified at your establishment, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Ashley Nanney, the Director of Culinary Development at or 636-484-8444 to get started.
  2. We will work directly with you or your staff to determine which products/menu items you are currently preparing that meet the certification protocol.
  3. Sign our contract agreement.
  4. Receive the SHAPE ReClaimed Certified seal for your use.
  5. Create a SHAPE ReClaimed menu with the Certified seal.
  6. Be listed on our website and featured on our social media so patients and doctors can find you.
  7. Reach out for any support, questions or training you or your staff may require.
  8. Establish dates for an annual review.

What is the cost of the certification?

There is absolutely no cost to you or your organization for this certification.

How long does the certification last?

This certification lasts for one year and requires yearly updates to ensure we have current information on file.

What types of businesses are certified?

  • Food establishments of all sizes
  • Professional personal chefs
  • Meal delivery companies
  • Food production operations that sell food to consumers without packaged labeling

Please note that our certification is location-specific and awarded per establishment. Certification is not transferable to other locations or owners without a formal agreement and onsite audit.

Who do I contact to learn more?

Please contact Ashley Nanney, the Director of Culinary Development at or 636-484-8444.

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