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Feel confident during your journey with
SHAPE ReClaimed Certified Recipes and Restaurants.

“God created food for human life.
Man created food for shelf life.”

-Dr. Todd Frisch

SHAPE ReClaimed shines a spotlight on negative eating habits that contribute to common health challenges.

Food is medicine.

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SHAPE ReClaimed Certified Recipes

All recipes that have pictures have been tested and professionally formatted by our Director of Culinary Development. Recipes without pictures are SHAPE Warrior submissions through Facebook, which means they have not been tested or formatted yet. Visit this page frequently for new recipes, including those that have been recently tested and SHAPE ReClaimed Certified.

DISCLAIMER: The formatting and wording on the majority of these recipes is in the process of being edited and corrected. With the large volume of recipes, this project will take time. Please be patient with us!

SHAPE ReClaimed Certified Restaurants

Relax while going out to eat at one of our SHAPE ReClaimed Certified Restaurants. These restaurants have been trained in our protocol and are committed to offering SHAPE-friendly dishes.

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"I am calmer and more able to cope with stresses of my job."
- Kay S

"No more GERD, no more plantar fasciitis, no more IBS."
- Michelle C.

"This time last year I wasn't sure if my health was good enough to continue working full time. Eight months on SHAPE ReClaimed and I have only taken 2 sick days, and I’m still working full time. "
- Stacey B.

"I no longer need carpal tunnel surgery since starting SHAPE ReClaimed."
- Linda G.

"Today I was told that my butt was small!"
- Deb M.

"Body pain gone! Boots zip easily!"
- Stephanie R.

"Can sit cross-legged again! My favorite!"
- Christine I.

"Before SHAPE ReClaimed, I only slept four to five hours a night. I now get seven to eight hours of sleep every night."
- Joey Z.

"I now fit comfortably in the chairs at church instead of spilling over and through the side arms."
- Jet B.

"My thyroid is converting T4 to T3!"
- Kim F.

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