SHAPE has given me a new outlook on my relationship with food. – G.P.

I first heard about SHAPE ReClaimed from a coworker who had excellent results. Though I already led an active lifestyle, I was plagued by inflammation. I had body aches and pains, as well as some stubborn weight from pregnancy. I was hungry all the time, no matter what I ate, and I had constant fatigue, low energy and some bloating.

My initial experience with the SHAPE Program was difficult as I adjusted to the altered amounts and types of food. Though I considered myself to be a “healthy eater,” I loved carbs and sugar. During the first few weeks, I experienced dizziness and fatigue. These were helped with the careful modification of food types and amounts by my practitioner.

I released about 11 pounds total but noticed a large difference in my energy levels and a new clarity from reduced brain fog. Due to the change in my overall health and dropping a few pounds, I was able to significantly reduce my blood pressure medication and since have felt great.

The SHAPE Program has given me a new outlook on my relationship with food and the effect inflammation can have on my overall health.


Practitioner: Dr. John Groerich