September Newsletter

We know, we know! Many of us are sad that summer is drawing to an end and many of us are thrilled. Some of us love summer temps and others cannot wait for cooler weather to settle in.

Many got to travel and take some much needed down time and others enjoyed their time at home or staycation as some refer to it. We were busy entertaining house guests and loved our time together. Most of our family and friends live with sweltering summer weather and enjoy the respite when they come to the Northwoods!

Many loved having the kids home all summer while others are thrilled school is back in sesssion. Some have become empty nesters and are grieving while others feel like life has just begun and are looking forward to the new adventure in their own life.

Wherever you fall in this spectrum, we hope the remaining months of 2023 are wonderful and blessed with an increase in your business.

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NEW 9th Edition Program Guidebooks Now Available!

We are pleased to announce we have updated our Patient/Client Program Guidebook.

You will notice a new photo on the front as well as three orange leaves added to our tree logo. As we deplete our stock of product and educational materials, you will see the new tree on everything over time. This will help everyone differentiate between old and new.

In polling many in our family of practitioners, we learned and are honoring their request to keep the information and layout the same. 

After many discussions and consideration, we have decided to remove peaches and pineapple from our list of fruit options for FasTrac. To be 100% transparent, not enough clinical testing was done before these were added in 2021. Some have questioned cherries as well, but after deeper study and clinical observation, their glycemic index and glycemic load are not disrupting success with the program.

Please know, the autonomy is up to you, the practitioner. You know your patient/client best. There may be foods on our list that you do not agree with or are not acceptable for some and we ask that you simply cross them off the list and explain your reasoning why.

We will be announcing new program guidebooks are available to our FB Support Group and will explain to the general public why we’ve pulled peaches and pineapple. We will direct the public back to their SHAPE practitioner if they have questions.

As you know, we have always said…SHAPE is a living, breathing, ever-changing program. The more we learn, the more we fine-tune.

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NEW InBody Products Available to SHAPE Practitioners

We are excited to announce we have partnered with InBody and can now offer their full line of products at a significant discount. 

You’ll find pricing and product information on the Resources page of your practitioner portal of the SHAPE website.

Because we do not share our email database, we will be forwarding a separate email from InBody directly in the next week.  

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NEW Podcasts Available on the SHAPE Website

We are pleased to announce we have added some new podcasts to our library.

Many practitioners may find the interview between Michelle McCoy and our

CoFounder, Linda Frisch, a valuable tool to share with those patients/clients

who struggle with some of the same endocrine challenges.

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50 Principles Course

Though we did not notice many engaged during the 50 Principles Course from AlterCall,

we hope many of you did take the time to listen and ponder their meaning in your life and practice.

We continue being mentored by AlterCall and are excited to share more with you in the future as we continue on this journey.

Keep Your Listing ACTIVE on the SHAPE Website

We want to remind everyone that your listing on our website is dependent on you

being consistent in ordering SHAPE Drops and maintaining an active SHAPE program in your business.

Please refer to our January 2023 Newsletter, found in your practitioner portal for details.

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This is the Perfect Time to Launch a 21-Day Cleanse Campaign

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