ReClaim Your Life

Are you ready to ReClaim your life?

Learn more about SHAPE ReClaimed and all that it can do for your body and mind.

SHAPE ReClaimed:
Lifestyle Modification. Total Health Restoration.

Transform your health by embarking on a journey toward the change you’ve always wanted, with knowledge of proper nutrition and the promise of a healthier future.

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ReClaim your life doctor

How the SHAPE ReClaimed Program Works

The SHAPE ReClaimed program is a health transformation plan that is customized to your health needs and goals. Find out how our three-phase program works.

Top 20 SHAPE ReClaimed Benefits

What happens when you start your SHAPE ReClaimed journey? Take a look at the top 20 SHAPE ReClaimed benefits that our patients experience as they transform their health.
ReClaim Your Life benefts

SHAPE ReClaimed Reviews

We know our program works because we’ve watched it transform thousands of lives, one patient at a time. But don’t take our word for it.  Read these SHAPE ReClaimed reviews (or victory stories, as we like to call them) from real patients.

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New Patient Training Course:

In this course, you'll learn about the healing philosophy behind SHAPE ReClaimed, how dis-ease becomes disease, the physiology behind your health concerns, the benefits of working with a SHAPE practitioner and how you can succeed on this life-changing program.

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Podcast Episode:

Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch, founders of SHAPE ReClaimed, talk about “ReClaiming” your life. During this episode you’ll hear what led Dr. Todd to create SHAPE ReClaimed, what makes SHAPE ReClaimed different from other wellness programs and future goals.


SHAPE ReClaimed FAQs

How long is the program? What happens if I eat off-plan?  Can I drink alcohol? Can I use essential oils while on the plan?  Find the official answers to these and many other SHAPE ReClaimed FAQs.


  • SHAPE ReClaimed is a safe, effective and practitioner-guided health transformation program.
  • The SHAPE Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement works at a neurological and cellular level.
  • SHAPE ReClaimed is designed to target the root cause of the most common health challenges.
  • The minimum recommended time on our program is six weeks.
  • Weight reduction is a wonderful side effect of the SHAPE ReClaimed program as you embrace a healthier lifestyle, reduce inflammation and release stored toxins.
  • SHAPE practitioners are required to maintain a high level of training and education, because SHAPE ReClaimed is a living, breathing, ever-changing program.

"Totally off insulin within two weeks of starting SHAPE ReClaimed!"
- Sharon S.

"I no longer have hypertension and I’m off medication for it."
- Mary D.

"No longer have diabetic problems or high blood pressure, and after 13 years of constant migraines and being on strong meds, I've been off all migraine meds and have not even had a headache for five weeks."
- Michael C.

"No longer have acne from all the greasy foods I used to eat. I no longer 'yo-yo' diet. I’ve released the weight and kept it off."
- Bill D.

"A lot of energy. This was noticeable after just a few days."
- Maggie H.

"Seasonal allergies and chronic sinus infections GONE."
- Jessica B.

"My A1C dropped to normal after one month on SHAPE ReClaimed. Blood sugar meds are no longer needed."
- Bennita I.

"I’m no longer an asthmatic. I’ve not had medication for over three years. I no longer get acid reflux. I no longer get allergies. I’ve been following the principles of SHAPE ReClaimed for four years now. I used to see my primary practitioner every month for infections, but I haven't seen them since I started SHAPE ReClaimed."
- Renne G.

"I didn't have to use a seat belt extender on the air plane."
- Cathy B.

"I no longer live in constant pain! That after fibromyalgia, back surgery and widespread pain for 23 years! I feel awesome."
- Kirstin C.

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