What SHAPE is Your Health In?

SHAPE ReClaimed's founders, Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch were interviewed for the podcast, Living a Richer Life By Design. Listen below!


Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch, founders of SHAPE ReClaimed, talk about “ReClaiming” your life.

During this episode you’ll hear:

  • Dr. Todd and Linda explain what SHAPE ReClaimed is and how it is affecting people’s health and well-being.
  • What led Dr. Todd to create SHAPE ReClaimed.
  • The inspiration to retire from his chiropractic practice and focus on SHAPE ReClaimed and mentoring doctors.
  • What makes SHAPE ReClaimed different from other wellness programs.
  • Future goals for the SHAPE ReClaimed program.

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Male voice Welcome to “Living a Richer Life by Design” with host Jonathan Krueger and contributing host Jason Ingram. Join them as they dive into a variety of subjects including fulfilling relationships, vibrant health, community engagement, social impact and, of course, stewardship or your finances.

Jonathan Krueger [00:00:20] Welcome to “Living a Rich Life by Design.” This is Jonathan Kreuger. On today's show we'll be talking to Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch, the founders of SHAPE ReClaimed about ReClaiming your life. And before we get started, Dr. Todd and Linda thank you for joining the show. Thanks for being here today.

Todd [00:00:36] I am glad to be here.

Linda [00:00:37] Thank you.

Jonathan Krueger [00:00:38] And could you tell us a little bit about yourselves and your background.

Todd [00:00:42] Yes. So, I'm a recently retired doctor of chiropractic. I practiced a little over three and a half decades. Happy to leave the profession. Not because I didn't like it. It’s because other things crossed our path and we made a change into something called SHAPE ReClaimed.

Jonathan Krueger [00:01:03] Well now it sounds like you just jumped into something brand new. But I think there's a little background here.

Todd [00:01:10] Yeah it did. We’ll cover that, I think, a little bit later but it was brought on by some things that I was seeing in my practice that I felt I needed to make a shift in my thinking and it changed the path of my career dramatically.

Linda [00:01:28] I've been managing Todd's practice for 33 years. And when he developed SHAPE, it didn't take us very long to figure out that we couldn't serve two masters, so Todd took over 100% in the practice and I stepped away and took on SHAPE ReClaimed. I’m very happy that he's retired now that he can step up and help me a little bit more.

Todd [00:01:54] I'm now working for her. I'm not so sure I like that. But, it happens.

Jonathan Krueger [00:02:00] You know what great couples working together is what I love best. So, Andrea and I have enjoyed working together and it's been a pressure cooker at times but then very rewarding most of the time. So, Dr. Todd, as a successful chiropractor, what inspired you to create SHAPE ReClaimed and how does a chiropractor come up with a new idea. I mean, most of the time I think people think of chiropractors as just being someone that cracks people's backs and obviously there's a lot more to your profession in the science and what you focused on. So, could you share with us a little about that and how that led to SHAPE and you really developing and creating SHAPE.

Todd [00:02:39] Sure. So. I didn't do a lot of chiropractic. I was trained that way. And I started out that way. But it became obvious that it wasn't the answer for what I was looking for. I observed through my training that the test I would run, the medical test, blood test, x-rays, those kind of things for patients. I knew they were sick. They knew they were sick, but every test came back textbook midline normal. So, I realized something's wrong with the system. So I began, instead of asking “what's wrong” with people, I began asking “what's not right.” It sounds like semantics and it's not. You basically have to be two-thirds sick before the medical tests show any abnormalities. That's down the road apiece and it can be a dangerous situation. So I spent literally three and half decades trying to figure out what's “not right.” Now, the reason I came up with SHAPE is is sitting right next to me. My wife entered the wonderful state of menopause and for you guys out there, I'm sure you can relate to the trials that occur there. She did everything right. Ate right, exercised, did nothing wrong, but with menopause, fatigue is an issue, brain fog is an issue, aches and pains and of course weight gain. And I’ve never been a fan of “The Weight Game.” I just thought it was always built on incorrect principles. And, now, the woman I love comes to me and says, “I'm not happy with how I look.” And, you know, we men just kind of say, “It's fine. It's good. You know I love you, it's all good. If you think how you think you look is going to affect how I feel about you. you're wrong.” And that wasn't the case. But, it’s how those blue jeans fit. So, all of a sudden I had a whole new paradigm shift as to what I needed to do. So I began to look at weight loss from a less metabolic standpoint and more what’s really going on from a brain function standpoint. And we began to realize certain things. I always had a strong background in nutrition and part of nutrition that I studied was something called homeopathy, which will basically cause your brain to go tilt, it's not a very easy thing to understand, but it does work. It's been around for, you know, centuries. So, with my background, I did some teaching for a number of companies in the homeopathic world and because of that background I was able to put together a formula that I felt would make a difference. We combine that with proper eating program and SHAPE ReClaimed was born. And now I work for my wife.

Jonathan Krueger [00:05:16] Well, Linda, do you have anything to add to that?

Linda [00:05:21] No. I have lots of things to add, but we'll get to me.

Jonathan Krueger [00:05:25] Well then, if you could, I'm sure the question that everyone has is, what is SHAPE ReClaimed? How do you see what it is doing affecting people's health and well-being? And, I know the intent was to be able to address an issue, Linda, that he just went over and mentioned and that phase in your life. But, how has it really impacted the people you serve now?

Linda [00:05:46] Well, what we have seen is the majority of mainstream health care today is all about managing lifestyle diseases. And, we feel very different about that. We just really believe that we have to get to the underlying cause of what is causing these lifestyle diseases. And so, for us, it's all about digging deep and looking for what are those underlying causes? And inflammation is at the top of the list. So, we're all about decreasing inflammation, enhancing immune function, we detox and cleanse our patients and shedding toxic weight just happens to be a wonderful side effect of that. While many come to us because they are carrying around a lot of toxic weight, we need them to understand that that is just a ton of inflammation, and when we tackle that inflammation, then we start doing things like turning around type 2 diabetes and getting people off of cholesterol meds and blood pressure meds and NSAIDS and antacids. So, while most come to us because they're all about how they look, what we really care about is how they feel.

Jonathan Krueger [00:07:06] How then [does SHAPE work?] In the listeners’ mind, it is probably a program or a supplement. And so, is this either a program or a supplement or both?

Linda [00:07:22] It is both. So, Todd developed the product itself called SHAPE ReClaimed. It's a whole combination of ingredients. But we have plugged that product into a healthy lifestyle program so patients that do our program work with licensed healthcare professionals and they are monitored very closely. So  it truly is a product and a program.

Jonathan Krueger [00:07:54] So is this organic nanomolecular product then designed to naturally treat or is there any product or substance that is nonorganic, that's added from a pharmaceutical company or anything like that, as an additive to it?

Linda [00:08:13] Oh no. There's nothing pharmaceutical about this. This is completely natural, all organic.

Jonathan Krueger [00:08:22] Great. Dr. Todd?

Todd [00:08:24] Well, you know, the question that always comes is, you know, what beyond the obvious, my wife sitting here inspired me to do this. I'm a strong believer in prayer and I'm a strong believer in listening to the promptings that come from that. And I had the most remarkable dreams, a pair of them, the first one: I'm fast. I can see a lot of patients. I am good. I have a great system that my wife set up. But, in this dream, there was this voice that basically sounded like James Earl Jones 10x, and it said, “You need to see 500 people every 15 minutes.” Well I'm good, but that’s way beyond my skill set and it haunted me. I could not figure it out. Well through some bizarre circumstances end up teaching for the state of Missouri for license renewal. And, I began teaching more and more and more. It dawned on me one day, I was driving home from one of these lectures I was giving, that I can, in fact, see 500 people every 15 minutes if I teach other doctors. So, time passes and I get the same voice, same setting in the dream. And this time the voice said I needed to see 5000 people every 15 minutes. So, I go, “all right. I'll teach more.” And I was teaching everywhere. Burning out like you cannot believe. I was in seven different cities in nine different weekends. I was lecturing for anyone that asked me and it just became absolutely a bizarre, uncomfortable situation. And, yet the dream haunted me. Well, I'm there. I'm seeing 5000 people every 15 minutes with our SHAPE program. We have all these doctors, we just had our national [symposium], we call it our family reunion, we call it our SHAPE family. We just had basically 300 doctors here in St. Louis attend our teaching conference and I'm seeing 5000 people every 15 minutes and God's got my attention now.

Jonathan Krueger [00:10:22] That's awesome.

Linda [00:10:22] Okay, the doctors aren’t all from St. Louis. They're from all over the country but they came to St. Louis for this event.

Jonathan Krueger [00:10:29] Well, so tell me a little bit about the event because I know I attended, this is my first “family reunion.” I know it was an “All In” symposium for 2018. But talk to me a little bit about this because this is unusual from what I understand and this is space for practitioners and doctors to be able to come and attend from the standpoint of the culture as well as the intent of the entire schedule.

Linda [00:10:58] Well, we've been doing this now for eight years and we have had probably, I would say, 500+ practitioners that have approached us in this eight-year timeframe. We currently have a little over 300 active. We learned very quickly that not everyone was “all in.” They liked our product and liked what it did, but they weren't investing themselves in how our product continues to evolve. We say SHAPE as a “living breathing ever changing program.” The more we learn about it, the more we pass on. So we put on annual training symposiums and it is indeed a part of our contract that practitioners must attend at least every other year, and this year you know we were all over the endocrine system and SHAPE changes endocrine function. And if they don't come, it's very difficult for them to stay up on how SHAPE is evolving and, you know, how we're helping these patients. So, we set ourselves apart as a company. We're just not a product. We're a whole program and so we need our practitioners to invest and be “all in” and continuing education.

Jonathan Krueger [00:12:18] Well and I know there's a lot of testimonies of people’s lives that are changed from going through your program. I personally have benefited from going through the SHAPE ReClaimed program, Phase I and Phase II. And really, that in itself was so mind blowing for me. I've done a lot of exercise, a lot of workouts, a lot of different nutritional diets and I had equated this possibly to another diet, a restrictive dietary program. But, what I found was dramatically different results. So, what are some of the stories that you're hearing? What is probably one or two of the most impactful? I know this is a little bit off-script, but if you're to limit just to one or two stories, I know that we could just talk probably all day about this, but what comes to mind? One from each of you, if you don't mind.

Linda [00:13:07] Well, I would say, the number one thing that we are seeing across the board are folks with blood sugar challenges. I don't know what the exact statistic is today with type 2 diabetes, but it is on the rise dramatically and it doesn't take us very long to turn that around. So, we see that consistently. As Todd has said in his practice, in his three and a half decades, he was never able to help those patients decrease their dependency on medications. And, not only did they decrease, we got them, most of them off. As Todd said, we pretty much eradicated type 2 diabetes out of his practice. So that's a real plus for us. I mean, we're all about that.

Todd [00:13:58] You know it's easy to go with the weight loss part of it and that's an exciting thing for the patient. But, to see what happens to them physiologically. I had a patient come to me, and I didn't want to take him as a patient. He and his wife were, I will say it as nice as I can, they were slovenly people. They didn't look like they cared much about anything they did. And I didn't think they could do the program. I didn't want to take them. And they just basically begged me and I thought, “Oh, I'm just taking their money. I don't feel good about this.” And they blew me away. He came to me because he needed to have both his knees replaced. Arthritis, bone-on-bone, all these things, but he was over 400 pounds and they wouldn't do it. So, we put him on the program. He was my second patient to lose 200 pounds. I took him to the dinner, he and his wife. I said, “If you lose 200 pounds, I am taking you to the finest restaurant I know in St. Louis.” And I did. And I wanted to stand up and shout in that restaurant what this guy had done. But the amazing thing is, it was all said and done. He didn’t have to have his knee replaced. He kept his knees, he did, they were fine. The inflammation went away. Is he still bone-on-bone? Maybe. But he's walking fine and has no symptoms whatsoever. So, the inflammatory changes that vanished and the degenerative changes that vanished is nothing short of remarkable. I built it as a weight loss program and then the miracles started happening. It's just been the most remarkable thing I've ever seen.

Jonathan Krueger [00:15:33] Well, and so that was kind of a major shift. And I didn't mean to interrupt you there. I know you said it was humbling and from the standpoint of seeing the impact in people's lives. Could you explain a little bit to our practitioners that are listening what it has done from a medical standpoint for addressing inflammation? We spent our entire weekend on the endocrine system. What is the true impact? What's actually happening more on a molecular level that's making such a dramatic difference?

Todd [00:16:03] The herbal preparations that are in it, along with an anti-inflammatory diet in combination, has just has just shifted the chemistry of the body to the point that the things that we used to give, you know, medications for just aren't necessary. Nine out of ten of the leading causes of death, they believe, are a result of lifestyle. That's remarkable. They believe cancer is lifestyle. We live in a toxic world. So, if you remove some of these toxic situations in the body, miracles happen. We were surprised. Trust me. I did not see it coming. And I'm humbled by it.

Linda [00:16:52] One of the things that we're very particular about when a practitioner joins our SHAPE family, we make it really clear that SHAPE is not a diet or a weight loss program. It's total health restoration program. So, we don't want to be lumped into that, though that is a wonderful side effect. You know, we store toxins in our fat cells, so if we can break that down, then we're going to start healing people. But what's really exciting to us is turning around blood sugar and getting people off of cholesterol meds and blood pressure meds and NSAIDs and antacids. It seemed like almost every patient that walked through the door had challenges with fatigue or digestive challenges. And to be able to heal that so people can have a better quality of life? You know, we can lay our head down every night knowing that we did good.

Jonathan Krueger [00:17:43] Absolutely. Now Linda, this question may be attractive for both of you but you might be able to answer it. I think sometimes we'll see chiropractors or other practitioners using hCG as one of the things that they recommend and, of course, that's been a controversial subject and so the normal question people are going to ask, well, is this hCG? And how would you response to that? What would be the answer to that question?

Linda [00:18:08] It is not. As simple as that. It is not. We were built out of the research done on hCG, but our product is not an hCG product. There are only two situations that there should be elevated hCG in the human body and that is when a female is pregnant, she has elevated hCG, or if he or she develops a particular type of cancer, then they have elevated hCG. So, to be putting hCG in the body all the time is really creating a hormonal imbalance. We've heard this from practitioners all across this country that they are seeing people that have just purchased some kind of hCG product off the Internet. And did they lose weight? Absolutely. Well, they were only eating 500 calories. Well, that's crazy. That's eating disorder behavior there. We can't get by on 500 calories, but that's what they were doing. So, not only did they create bigger metabolic challenges for themselves, they also created hormonal challenges. And our SHAPE practitioners were seeing tons of these patients that went out there and bought some random product and did their thing and now they've got bigger challenges.

Todd [00:19:27] Basically, all diets fail because the brain gets a message that it's starving. I don't care if you’ve been doing Jenny Craig, Atkins, whatever. Atkins wants you in something called large ketosis. To the brain, that’s starvation. So you will lose weight till the moment you stop, and the moment you stop - you start at 240 as a guy, you do the Atkins diet, you're down to 200, you're feeling great - and the moment you start eating bread, your body will recognize the fact that you starved yourself, and it’ll take you back to 240 and then it says, “I'm going to support you. I'm going to raise your set point to 260 because you went through starvation.” So, we use a simple inexpensive urinalysis to determine if there is some starvation going on and we alter the eating plan because of that. And that's part of our “secret weapon” that we have, is we can monitor the patient and make recommendations so everything is very individualized to the patient, which is what medicine should be. There is no one-size-fits-all. No longer exists. It never did exist.

Jonathan Krueger [00:20:31] So Dr. Todd is that why you’ve addressed, Linda, I think you said this earlier, that it’s oversight by practitioners so licensed professionals are able to administer the program for their clients to help guide them through the nutrition, as well as through each phase of their healing in their lives.

Linda [00:20:50] Yes. We work with licensed healthcare professionals only. And they build the program to the patient, to their unique metabolic needs. So, we say always that it is, you know, how they do the program with each individual patient is based on their total health history, how they're responding to the program and what we see in their urine tests. When we see them spilling a certain thing in their urine, we're adjusting that program to their unique metabolic needs. So we're not a one-size-fits-all program. That's why it is so important to us that our practitioners maintain training. That's why we set ourselves apart. We're not just a product that you know practitioners can buy and put it in their patient’s hands. They are working closely with these patients to really monitor them and change their life.

Jonathan Krueger [00:21:43] Thank you for sharing that Linda. What would you say, what inspired you to retire from your practice, Dr. Todd, to pursue building SHAPE ReClaimed full time?

Todd [00:21:55] You know, I just got tired of the government telling me how to run my practice. It is the most egregious act I have ever been thrust upon me by my government. I love my country. I do not like my government. I’m very, very, very upset. The audacity to tell us how to run our business is just insane. It absolutely makes me crazy. Obamacare needs to be replaced by SHAPE ReClaimed. Let's get people well, then we don't have to have this kind of stuff. Nobody has a wellness mentality. It's all about managing health care. Managing. “Let's use this drug.” We now have drugs to treat problems for drugs. We now have something for OIC, opiate-induced constipation. So, you take opiates, you get constipated, now I got a drug for the constipation that you got from taking the opiates. Does anybody see a problem with this system? I do. And I want to change the world, simply. And I think God dropped this in our laps and we're going to ride this horse till the end of our days, for the next 5, 10, 20 years, whatever I have left.

Jonathan Krueger [00:23:03] Well and I think that your motto, or your slogan, says it’s changing medicine or health care, one practitioner at a time. Is that right? Or, one patient at a time.

Todd [00:23:14] One patient at a time.

Jonathan Krueger [00:23:16] And that really is the impact of your driving force and desire.

Todd [00:23:19] It is.

Jonathan Krueger [00:23:20] So, if you could share with me then. You said, well, there's 5, 10, 15, 20 years. What is your goal for SHAPE ReClaimed over the next 5 or 10 or even 20 years from now?

Todd [00:23:32] We have been a word of mouth company and it's been wonderful, it has grown profoundly. But we feel we need to get it in front of more people. And so, basically the next step for our company is to see what we can do to help more people, more doctors specifically, understand what's going on. The patients will flock to them once they get this, but we just have to figure out some way to take this to the masses and make a difference in this world.

Jonathan Krueger [00:24:04] Excellent. Linda, do you have anything to add to that?

Linda [00:24:09] Well, other than, you know, when Todd had those dreams, you know, we've always had that mentality, Transforming Healthcare: One Patient at a Time, because that's how we worked. One patient at a time. But now that we have hundreds of practitioners, we think, gosh, if we had, you know, if we could double, if we could triple, if we could quadruple the amount of practitioners that we could influence. Look at what would happen in these communities. It's about health transformation. It's not about managing disease. We have got to educate people and help them understand they have to change their relationship with food. Plain and simple. They have to embrace a healthier lifestyle. And what they've been taught by, you know, the food industry is insanity. So, we're seeing a lot of change there. We're seeing, you know, companies making some changes with these foods that they're producing, so we honestly believe in eating real food that God’s put on this earth and that's what we're going to continue teaching. But yeah, you know we're about education. That's what we want to do. Help people understand that they've got to change their relationship with food.

Jonathan Krueger [00:25:24] Helping sick people become well.

Linda [00:25:27] Absolutely.

Jonathan Krueger [00:25:28] Well, what's the first step for a patient or one of our listeners to get connected with a practitioner and what if they can't find one?

Linda [00:25:35] Well, they can go to our national website, which is shapereclaimed.com and we have a tab called “Find a Practitioner.” We continue to grow, so hopefully we will get into their community. If not, we say to patients, “Look, if you've got a great relationship with your health care provider, bring their attention to this program. Ask them to reach out and contact us and we will see if they're a good fit for what we're doing.” So, we like to grow into areas. But, if not, they can reach out to us and we'll connect them with a practitioner that does indeed work remotely and practitioners that are looking for a way to really start transforming, you know, the health of their patients and really go after inflammation, same thing. They can go to our website. We do need a copy of their license and we have a pretty strict vetting process to determine if they're a good fit for our company. So yeah, everybody needs to just go to the website.

Jonathan Krueger [00:26:42] Okay great. And then they can contact you from that point.

Linda [00:25:45] Yes they can.

Jonathan Krueger [00:26:46] Well thank you so much for sharing. In closing, I do have one question for you both. That is, what does living a richer life by design mean to the two of you?

Todd [00:26:56] You know, we refer to our company and the doctors and the practitioners as our “family.” So, many years ago, during an incredibly dark time in my life, I had a serious illness and a marriage that was falling apart and it was dark. One of the things I do to settle my brain down is to simply do very difficult crossword puzzles and things like that. And down at the bottom of the crossword puzzle here in St. Louis, there's something called a cryptoquip where you have to decode a message, you have to substitute letters. And this particular day, I had a very difficult time cracking this thing and I'm good at this. I am really, my brain just sees it. It's like A Beautiful Mind, kind of, all of the letters come up in the air and that kind of stuff. Although, the guy was schizophrenic, but, it did concern me a little bit. The beginning of the movie was great, later on, I go, “Oh, I can relate too much this guy.” But, there was a seven letter word and an eight letter word and the last six letters were identical. And the seven letter word, the last letters were L-L-N-E-S-S and the seven letter word was “illness” and the eight letter word was “wellness.” And it just came off the paper, the way you change “illness” to “wellness,” you change the “I” to “we.” And we have to make a difference. We are a family. Our SHAPE family is going to make a difference in this world. So that is what it means to me.

Linda [00:28:23] We've lived our life on that tenfold principle, biblical principle. You know, the more we give, the more we get back in return. When we stood on the stage this past weekend and looked out, you know, 300 people in that audience, we knew that God was just richly blessing us. We have just, you know, we have poured ourselves into the lives of our patients and we are now pouring ourselves into the lives of these practitioners. And God is richly blessing us back tenfold and beyond with the thousands and thousands and thousands of people across this country that are having their lives changed. So, it's just amazing when we have a Facebook support group for all the people that do our program and to, you know, scroll through that Facebook support group and read stories from total strangers that their lives are being changed by, you know, our life's work. It’s humbling. It's very humbling.

Jonathan Krueger [00:29:28] Well thank you so much for the two of you joining us on our show today and thank you for listening to “Living a Richer Life by Design.” Our goal is to provide our listenership with real world, practical solutions so that they can care for the ones that they love and serve those in need. And I'd like to give a special thanks again to today's guests, Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch. I look forward to you joining us on next episode of “Living a Richer Life by Design.” If you'd like to learn more about SHAPE ReClaimed please visit them on their website, shapereclaimed.com and you can reach out to Dr. Todd or Linda or their staff. Make it a great day. Thank you.

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