The Power of Healing with the Ancient Frequencies of Wholetones

Michael Tyrrell, our 2019 SHAPE ReClaimed Symposium keynote speaker, was interviewed on the podcast Living a Richer Life By Design. We felt it important to share this podcast here because our approach to healing is similar to Michael's and that Wholetones may be a helpful addition to your SHAPE ReClaimed journey.

Listen below!


Michael Tyrrell, author, musician, composer and producer at Wholetones, a music project “with a difference” talks about the seven musical tones uncovered in the music of King David.

During this episode you’ll hear:

  • What Wholetones are and how they relate to musicians and music in general.
  • How Wholetones frequencies differentiate from regular music.
  • The kinds of health conditions that are improved by consistently listening to Wholetones.
  • Statistics of people suffering from sleep challenges and how listening to Wholetones helps them sleep better.
  • How babies, children and pets benefit from listening to Wholetones.
  • Stories from Michael’s listeners who have experienced healing from listening to Wholetones.

Opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect those of LionsGate Advisors.  The topics discussed, and opinions given are not intended to address the specific needs of any listener.  LionsGate Advisors does not offer legal or tax advice, listeners are encouraged to discuss their financial needs with the appropriate professional regarding your individual circumstance.

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