Plastic Surgeons Warn About Prevalence of “Ozempic Face” in Hollywood

Several doctors have warned about the prevalence of the so-called “Ozempic face” among celebrities in Hollywood, amid the anti-diabetes drug’s skyrocketing popularity.

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According to the Daily Mail, physicians have disclosed that some celebrities are among those hit hardest by the condition. These include John Goodman of “The Big Lebowski” fame, “Rock DJ” singer Robbie Williams and Sharon Osbourne, wife of Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne.

External side effects of taking Ozempic (generic name semaglutide) include sunken eyes, gaunt cheeks and saggy skin – which make affected users look older and more deflated. Internal side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, pain and nausea.

“Ozempic face is essentially the same characteristics that we see when patients have rapid or regular weight loss,” said New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Smitha Ramanadham. “We see a loss of volume in the face – and when we lose fat in the face, we see signs
like the cheeks are more sunken in, more sagging skin and a general hollowing out of the features.”

A panel of plastic surgeons, including Ramanadham herself, examined pictures of 15 celebrities who experienced a major weight loss transformation. They concluded that at least half of them may have suffered from Ozempic face as a result.

They first analyzed the case of the 71-year-old Goodman, who shed nearly 200 pounds since 2007. Ramanadham remarked: “You see more lines, more wrinkles and more deflation in his face as he loses weight compared to when he was heavier and his face
was fuller. These changes are just very typical of overall weight loss regardless of whether weight loss drugs were used.”

Fifty-year-old Williams was next on the list. “With Robbie, you can see the direct results of weight loss. You can see a hollowing under the eyes and the cheeks and more wrinkles appearing because of a loss of volume,” she said.

Ozempic face became viral in 2023

According to the panel, Ozempic face was less pronounced with women because they’re traditionally more likely to obscure flaws with fillers and makeup. They pointed to Osbourne, who reportedly lost 42 pounds while on the drug, as the most “dramatic”
example of the condition. (Related: Tucker torches Ozempic ‘miracle’ weight loss fraud.)

“Her eyes look more sunken in, her cheeks have more hollowing,” Ramanadham said. “There is a significant loss in facial volume as well, and more wrinkling that is associated with it.”

Aside from the three, other celebrities with Ozempic face include singer and actress Jessica Simpson, Scott Disick of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” fame and Liam Payne of the boy band One Direction. However, the surgeons attributed Payne’s
streamlined countenance to buccal fat surgery, a procedure in which the fat pad is cored out of the cheeks.

Williams previously admitted taking something “like Ozempic,” but refused to specify the exact treatment. Meanwhile, Goodman has denied taking Ozempic – attributing his weight loss to dieting, exercise and abstinence from alcohol.

Ozempic face first became viral in early 2023 after New York City dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank started using the term. He told “The TODAY Show” in January of that year that he was seeing it “every day in patients.”

“The injectable treatment mimics a naturally occurring hormone that tell the brain it’s full, thereby curbing the appetite and inducing rapid weight loss,” the New York Post reported. “Ozempic’s fat-fighting capabilities have understandably made it all the
rage in body-obsessed Hollywood.”

Nine million Ozempic prescriptions were written in the last three months of 2022. But the Post expounded on several of the dangers that come with this drug.

“Along with causing people to lose face, the treatment has also been blamed for including vision problems, constipation and even changes in personality. In January [2024], several Ozempic adherents claimed they stopped taking the drug and ended up
regaining more weight than they lost,” the Post reported.

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