Application 3 – Packages

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NESTLING – $1000

Our NESTLING package is for those who heard about our product and program and want to experience the amazing healing benefits of the SHAPE program first before joining our family of SHAPE practitioners.

We all have to start somewhere! Our NESTLING package is a great starting point. You will be “fed” information and get a “taste” for what SHAPE is all about. We encourage every healthcare professional investigating our product, program, and company to try the program personally and have two others join you.

If you love the results like we believe you will, you can upgrade to SPARROW and enjoy full licensing rights as a SHAPE practitioner. The cost to upgrade is $1500.

SPARROW – $2500

Matthew 12:7 teaches, you are worth more than many Sparrows. We at SHAPE believe you truly are worth “many Sparrows”. We will not let you fall to the ground unnoticed. We are here to help you “spread your wings and fly”. You will receive full licensing rights to all that we offer a SHAPE practitioner in our “complete turnkey” program.

The SPARROW starts you off with enough product to start 12 people on the program along with a sampling of our support products and all the support and TLC you need to become a dynamic SHAPE practitioner. Included in your SPARROW package will be a copy of Dr. Todd’s book: WTF? Why the Face along with a complete facial analysis for you personally. When Dr. Todd calls to officially welcome you to our SHAPE family, he will share his assessment and help you become your healthiest self so that you can help others become their healthiest selves.

HAWK – $5000

The Hawk is powerful, observant, and tenacious! It knows what it wants and will hunt it down. Our HAWK package is for the seeker who wants to make a difference as quickly as possible and take their practice to a whole new stratosphere.

The HAWK includes 24 bottles of SHAPE, Program Guidebooks, UA Kits and much more of everything offered in the SPARROW. Along with WTF? Why the Face book, you will receive two complete personalized facial analyses, one for you personally and another for the person of your choice. You will also receive the Facial Analysis Master Class along with training and mentorship for three one-on-one facial analyses for patients/clients of your choosing, a $1000 value.

EAGLE – $10,000

It’s time to soar like an Eagle! We will be the wind beneath your wings. The Eagle is “ALL IN” and this package will provide everything you need to completely transform the busy, thriving practice. There is enough products, plus all the items mentioned in the HAWK, to start three dozen people on the program and help them soar back to vibrant health.

What is special about the EAGLE pkg is the personalized time you will spend with the founders at their home in northern Wisconsin. This package includes two round-trip tickets to the Northwoods for a four-day, one-on-one training with Dr. Todd and Linda themselves and plenty of R&R getting to know the hearts behind the development of SHAPE. You will experience the amenities from our own “Martha Stewart of the Northwoods”, enjoy the delights of Linda’s gourmet meals, firepits and quietness, Dr. Todd’s musings, the brightest stars and possibly the northern lights.