One week into the program, I was already becoming a new person. – H.T.

The SHAPE Program has literally changed my life! I must admit I was one of the biggest skeptics at first. Many people tried to get me to try the program, but I simply was not interested. My attitude changed one day when someone shared what it could do for my husband. I felt he needed the program more than I did, even though I had extra weight I desperately needed to lose. I thought I was in much better overall health than he was. I agreed to join the program with him, telling myself I could do anything for 21 days. I secretly thought that once I got him going on the plan, I would just let him stick to it alone.

One week into the program, I was already becoming a new person. I felt sluggish the first two days as my body adjusted to no sugar. I had no idea what the food I was eating was doing to my health before this plan. I had been taking the highest dose of statin for my cholesterol for over 10 years, and still had a total cholesterol of 214. After only 6 weeks on the plan, my level dropped to normal at 129! I suffered from horrible arthritis pain after two major back surgeries and a very bad whiplash injury during a car accident. I was taking pain relievers at least 5 days a week! Within two weeks of eliminating sugar from my diet, I began to notice a dramatic decrease in my pain. In fact, I have had less pain relievers in the last 8 months than I used to take in 8 days!

I lost 45 pounds over the course of the first couple months of the program. I stopped taking the drops about three months ago, and I have added limited amounts of dairy and bread back to my diet, with no weight gain. Because of what I learned on this program, I eat differently, and I do not intend to return to my old diet pattern. I am 54 years old, and I am wearing the same size clothes I wore in high school! More importantly, I feel so much better and have improved overall health. My physician has been amazed. I am so thankful for my SHAPE coach for encouraging me to take this step!


Submitted by Drs. Bernie & Michelle Sirois