November Newsletter

A Season of Thanks-giving

We hope your Thanksgiving holiday was a wonderful time of connection and celebration with family and friends. Please know how much we appreciate your business and value each member of our SHAPE ReClaimed family! 

It’s a great time to gear up for the New Year! 

While we all know most eat their way through the holidays and sugar consumption is out of control. December is the time of for you to take advantage of talking to every patient/client about truly ending their frustration with inflammatory symptoms and excess weight.

Everyone that seeks your care could benefit from doing a minimum 21-day or 30-day detox. January is the perfect time for catching all those “New Year’s Resolutioners” who are determined to reach their health goals in 2024. Encourage them to commit, truly commit. We know, from years of clinical experience, that SHAPE can make a significant difference in just one month. When folks see and feel progress, they are motivated to continue. 

Use December to reach out to all those who’ve done SHAPE in the past and see how they’re doing. Many will be ready to recommit and start the year off right after all their holiday indulgence.

Run New Year’s Specials, offer group visits to build camaraderie, maybe run a contest where patients compete for a “special offer” to the winner, get creative.

When SHAPE is presented as a “total health restoration” program, it becomes a lifestyle. Our job is to help them change their relationship with food and when we do, your patient’s/client’s total health will be transformed…from the inside out.

Let’s restore their health back to where it should have never left in the first place!!!

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Make sure everyone has enough SHAPE Drops, a Program Guidebook and Urine Strips to start when they are ready. Some may want to commit to a 21 day cleanse before their holiday frenzy begins. Some may start right after Christmas or Hanukkah while others may wait until after New Years Day. 

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Tracking Information for SHAPE ReClaimed Orders 

Change is sometimes met with challenges and one of the challenges we’ve faced is providing our practitioners with emails containing tracking information for their SHAPE ReClaimed product orders. We believe the issue has been resolved, so you should expect to receive an email with tracking information once your product has shipped.

Please contact us at 636-484-8444 or if you do not receive the tracking information. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and we appreciate your patience and understanding.