Need Help? Portal Login & FAP

There just aren’t words to express how grateful we are for everyone’s help to accomplish the monumental task of renewing Professional Agreements. We know everyone is really busy and many just downright overwhelmed with life.

Some have asked why we bother. Trust us when we say, we wouldn’t if it weren’t required. Yes, required…by our liability insurance company. When we first insured our SHAPE Drops, we learned not only are we insuring the safety of our product but also the level of exposure our product carries with it. Our insurance required we renew Practitioner Agreements annually and as we grew, this task became more and more difficult. We explained our position and they agreed to requiring this renewal every 5 years. Last year was our 5th year and we completely forgot to get this accomplished. Because of all the upheaval in our world the previous years, the insurance company gave us a grace of one year. In order for us to renew our liability insurance, we have to let them know how many practitioners are using our product and for the next five years, we pay on “exposure” based on the number we give them when we renew this year.

We are proud to say in our 14 years as a national program with hundreds of healthcare professionals recommending our product and program, we’ve never had a negative claim filed. 

We also want to thank all those who have reached out to show your gratitude for all we do to support you. We appreciate the trust you put in us. It is our intention to be the best company you’ve ever worked with. A company who continues to provide you with an excellent product and program, a company that provides you with excellent educational support for your patients/clients, a company who continues to provide you with a top-notch website for all your needs, a company whose founders will pick up the phone and support you regardless of your need, a company who truly cares about you personally and your business growing.

Though we felt an annual fee of $120 was fair, we accept some believe our growing portfolio of what we offer our practitioners is not worth $10 a month. In our 14 years as a national program, this is the first time we have asked for an annual fee. We truly appreciate all the support and appreciation we received from those expressing their gratitude for always being able to count on SHAPE to be there in their time of need. 

Now…let’s grow! Tons of people are struggling and need our help!

For those unable to login to the practitioner portal and notice their FAP is not available, please know we are here to help! Without your renewed professional agreement, we cannot claim you as an active SHAPE practitioner.

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We’re a phone call away! Linda @ 636-399-4242 or Sandy @ 636-484-8444