My patients have fallen back in love with themselves.

I was introduced to SHAPE ReClaimed through another doctor. Not only was this program better than the one I’d been using, I was now part of this community of people who have all of this information to share and we’re all working together. I am healthier now because of SHAPE ReClaimed. I share it with my family, my friends and my patients, and they are ecstatic about it.

I have been a practitioner since 2017. It’s definitely beneficial for my business. It’s added more revenue to my practice. I’ve been a Gonstead practitioner for 26 years, and it’s hard on the joints. I would like to be a viable doctor into my 80s. I wanted to find something that could take me into the next chapter of my life. I don’t want to just retire; I want to still make a difference, but not necessarily at the expense of my body. The patients I’ve worked with so far have all fell back in love with themselves. My sister did the program and looks 20 years younger. She regained all this confidence that she had lost. She’s nearing retirement and she has just blossomed back into her old self.

Kathy Kulba, DC
Mt. Pleasant, WI
SHAPE Practitioner since 2017