May 2024 Newsletter

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

With the world in such a devastating state, it’s no wonder emotions are screaming out of control. Every practitioner we are speaking with is sharing something related to the emotional state of their patients/clients. Children and teens are even at a higher risk and being diagnosed with emotional disorders and started on pharmaceuticals to “manage” symptoms. It’s insidious! Over the past four years, folks are struggling emotionally like never before. Our practitioners are struggling like never before! We believe we have a product that can make a tremendous difference – MOOD Balance!

Dr. Todd is always about finding the missing puzzle piece and has spent the last 14 years teaching our SHAPE practitioners to “think & link”.

MOOD Balance – Linda’s Testimony

“When Dr. Todd started talking about wanting to formulate his own adaptogen to handle his patient’s emotional challenges, I thought it was wonderful but also privately thought, I’ll never need to take it (never say never) but good for all those who are in desperate need of balancing depression and/or anxiety and all the other health benefits it would provide. I had no doubt, he would create another “one-of-a-kind” amazing formula.

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A New Look For Our SHAPE Website HOME PAGE

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How to GROW Your SHAPE Practice

Recently, Linda spoke with Dr. Beth Bartlett about how her SHAPE practice has EXPLODED, and continues to grow, despite many changes and challenges. We hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged after hearing them share!

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pH Concentrated Minerals Label

You will notice our pH Concentrated Minerals has a slightly new look. As we exhaust our supply of product labels, we are replacing labels and our tree will be showing off its new three oranges leaves. Our manufacturer provided us with an update on specs and you will notice a slight change in the ingredient list. Same amazing full spectrum product with the primary ingredients listed out separately.


We make it a priority to do all we can to help you save money. We understand the cost of doing business and our current state of inflation is affecting us all. Here are some smart business decisions that can help you save on expenses:

  1. SHIPPING: The cost difference for shipping 1 case of SHAPE compared to 2 cases is often just a few dollars, whereas if you placed two separate orders for one case of SHAPE the difference could be OVER $15! Shipping single items is not cost effective.
  2. PRICE BREAK: You save $3 per bottle when you order MOOD Balance or pH Concentrated Minerals by the case, you save $1 per bottle when you order SKIN Healing Lotion by the case, you save 0.83 per kit when you purchase a 12-pack of UA kits and 0.50 per book when you purchase a 12-pack of Program Guidebooks. MOOD has a shelf life of 7 years after its manufacturing date, pH expires 3.1.2029, SKIN has no expiration, our UA Kits  expire May 31, 2025 and our current Program Guidebooks will be with us another couple years before we would consider any updates.
  3. ACH (checking account data) is the best decision if you are looking for ways to save on your business expenses. When choosing to pay with CC, you pay an additional 3% to every order.

Thank you for being patient while we sorted out shipping discrepancies. We are keeping a very close eye on every package to make sure the shipping charges are in line. Please understand this is a fluid situation as fees are determined based on package weight, dimensions, zip codes and zones. Also know there was a 7% increase across the board for all shipping.

Friendly Reminder: OFFICIAL SHAPE ReClaimed FB Support Group Guidelines

Practitioners may not advertise themselves within the FB Support Group! Your patients/clients can lift you up and recommend you but you cannot respond and share your contact to an inquiry about needing a remote practitioner or a practitioner in a certain region of the country.

Practitioners may point the inquiring person to FAP on the website.

Tracking Numbers Restored! 

Thanks to the determination, dedication and brilliant mind of our AMAZING IT guy, Brian Mehl at The Brain Mill, the missing tracking info has been RESTORED! Tracking information is once again included in the email you receive once your order has been completed and shipped. Thank you all for your patience during this challenging process.