March 2024 Newsletter


So many of you were quick to “Spring into Action” by sending us your 2023 Professional Agreement and Admin Fee.

There aren’t adequate words to express our gratitude. Renewing professional agreements and updating credentials is a monumental task. Early in SHAPE’s life, we did renewals annually per our liability insurance requirement. We made it clear to our insurance this was unacceptable and we agree upon every 5 years. They alerted us it has been longer and we had to comply to renew our liability insurance. Thank you for all your help.

For those still needing to complete this request, please know we’d love to get this project buttoned up no later than 3.15.24.

Click HERE for the link to sign and submit the Professional Agreement. Click HERE to pay the Admin Fee.

That is a one month grace from our 2.15.24 deadline.

For those questioning our WHY behind the recent business decisions, we will always be transparent with our family of practitioners.

Thank you for asking and allowing us to expand.

Please know these decisions have been very difficult ones for us. We feel it important that we explain our why behind the CC decision. Many of our practitioners are also passing along CC fees. Every small business we are connected to charges us CC fees should we choose to pay with CC and we choose ACH ourselves to save where we can. Because we can offer another payment option (ACH) and currently 70% of our practitioners choose ACH, we knew this was our best business decision. We are just too small a company to continue absorbing tens of thousands of dollars to our bottom line when we can offer another payment option. In 2022 we paid $28,000 in CC fees and we simply could not sustain doing this year after year.

With all the challenges and blessings managing this national program, one of our biggest responsibilities is providing all our practitioners a website that is top-notch, current and one you have full access for your patient’s education, hundreds of interactive recipes, marketing your practice, a password protected portal with professionally created social media marketing pieces, and so much more.

When we started SHAPE, we did not offer all these resources and over time, we have built and continue building a portfolio (above and beyond what any other company we know) for our practitioners unlimited use. With this comes constant and full time IT oversight and this expense increases with each passing year. In an effort to continue offering these resources to our family of practitioners, we felt the time has come that we add an annual admin fee of $120 ($10 a month) and believed that was not excessive for what we offer our practitioners but are respectful if you believe $10 a month is too much to contribute.

When we partnered with AlterCall, one of our core needs was marketing both SHAPE and WTF? Why the Face. Their team did a deep-dive into SHAPE and what we offer our practitioners and were blown away with our portfolio of support. They placed an annual value on our marketing package at $5000, our allowing practitioners to advertise themselves on our website at $3000 and our Cert Course at $2000 (with the added bonus of allowing support staff to do the cert course as well). We are very proud that we can offer all these resources, not to mention full access to Dr. Todd and Dr. Beth.

We have begun our digital marketing campaign for WTF? Why the Face first and plan to evolve to marketing SHAPE digitally soon…as we are buttoning up a facelift to our SHAPE website and adding more resources.

We’ve had some question why we just don’t raise our product prices. That certainly was an option but we did not feel our best option. Not only would you be paying much more than $120 over the year, you would then have to pass along that price increase to your patients. With the current state of the economy, we simply could not do that to our practitioners or the general public. We will continue to do everything in our power not to raise product prices and will only resort to that when we have no other option.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for being the best part of SHAPE. We cherish every meaningful relationship we build with each of you!

It is with a heavy heart that we decided to CANCEL our 2024 SYMPOSIUM.

As much as we hated to disappoint those who registered and were excited to attend the symposium, we simply could not ignore the “bigger than life” reason why the majority could not commit. The world is upside down, many have experienced a downturn in their practice, a large percent of our fellow Americans are really struggling to make ends meet or simply hunkering down and being very judicious with their spending. With so many expressing their desire to come and sadness that they would be missing out on another of our AMAZING events, we decided it was best to postpone to a time our world is in a better place. 

Dr. Todd will never agree to doing a virtual event. It goes against everything he believes about energetic healing. The benefit of attending live can never be replaced with a virtual experience. We are accustomed to 250-300 attending our symposiums and until we can return to that kind of commitment, we will hold off. The VALUE of attending always trumps the COST but know this, we hear you…we feel your financial struggle and need to “hunker down” and not spend money on “wants” right now.  

We want to encourage everyone…stay strong, stay committed to your mission of helping folks heal. SHAPE continues to heal people from the inside out.

SHAPE continues outshining many other programs because it is built on the principles of balanced nutrition. Lean protein, veggies, fruits and healthy fats! Building the program to each individual’s bio-individual metabolic needs is our secret weapon and our SHAPE Drops are our secret sauce!

We trust you are using SHAPE first and foremost with every new patient/client. First discuss toxic burden and it contributing to inflammation. Next encourage everyone to be proactive with strengthening their immune system. Third, help them strive to reach a healthy weight. SHAPE will SHINE!




Dr. Todd Talks Zoom Link



How is your Let It Go Challenge group doing?

We’ve only got a few weeks left to the challenge, but don’t stop there! Keep the momentum going in your practice!

At the end of the day March 29, take your original tally sheet and mark ‘Y’ in the column next to the name of each person who COMPLETED the challenge by participating from Jan 15 THROUGH March 29th. 

Participating practitioners will receive ONE entry in the drawing for EACH person who COMPLETED the challenge. Please email your tally sheet to NO LATER THAN April 3

For more info click here HERE

We will draw 3 practitioners’ names and contact their office to let them know what they’ve won.  

1st Place: 12 bottles of SHAPE, 12 Guidebooks & 12 UA kits.

2nd Place: 6 bottles of SHAPE, 6 Guidebooks & 6 UA kits.

3rd Place: 3 bottles of SHAPE, 3 Guidebooks & 3 UA kits. 

 We will announce the winners on the FB Support Group & FB Connection Group as well as the April Newsletter.

Every person who COMPLETED the challenge will receive a SHAPE ReClaimed Let It Go Challenge canvas tote bag. Tote bags will be sent to each practitioners’ office to distribute to their patients who COMPLETED the challenge.

Tracking your SHAPE orders

  1. Login to the Practitioner Portal.

  2. Hover over your name in the top right corner on the black bar.

  3. From the dropdown box, click My Account.

  4. Another box will open with most recent orders.

  5. Click on View and scroll to the bottom of the order to Tracking Information.

  6. Click Track and you will find exactly what you need to track your order.

Reminder: orders placed Mon- Fri by 2:00 pm EST will ship that day. Orders received after 2:00 pm EST will ship the following business day.