Male, age 79 – Polymyalgia, rheumatica, coronary artery disease, fatigue

Bob, a 79-year-old white male with multiple health challenges, presented to our office in February 2013. Because of his poor health, he was having difficulty enjoying the simple things in life and was perpetually tired and had less energy due to his failing health. At 228 pounds, he was overweight. It was difficult for him to stay awake after a meal. Every time he sat down, he would fall asleep. This was causing him to be unproductive at home since he did not have energy and ambition. This was depressing him since he had always been known as the “go-to guy” to fix anything at home that was broken.  

Years previous, Bob was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica that caused full-body joint stiffness and pain. Even though he managed this at times with medications, he was still in pain daily and every activity was a chore due to his discomfort. Because of his long-standing asthma, he was unable to exercise for extended periods of time, something that he enjoyed throughout his life.  

In 1998, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and coronary artery disease and underwent quadruple bypass in 2007. He was subsequently put on multiple medications to help his condition, but these medications had side effects that again made him hurt and zapped his energy. A stroke followed in 2011 which took part of his balance away and some of his memory. Treatment for this consisted of more medication with unwanted side effects. In 2012, he was diagnosed with shingles and subsequent post herpetic neuralgia in the left side of his head and face which was very painful.  After all was said and done, he was on 11 medications total. He was looking for relief. He was basically sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

After a history and examination, he was put on the SHAPE Program. 

Within two days of being on the SHAPE Drops, he noticed 50% decrease in his joint pain. He states that he has feels 10 years younger since going through the SHAPE Program. He also states that after being on the SHAPE Program, he feels that he has his freedom back. He has more ambition, more energy and is less tired. He doesn’t fall asleep when he sits down anymore. He’s back to working out. He is able to enjoy his grandchildren and play with them on a regular basis. He also notices that he does not need his CPAP machine anymore since he does not snore anymore. He also notices that he sleeps better and is more rested in the morning. Moreover, he has cut down on his medications from 11 to 4. He is now down to a 36-inch waist from a 42-inch waist. He looks and feels great. 

He states that most of all, he has ReClaimed his life. It has been six months since he went off Phase II and entered Phase III of the SHAPE Program and has maintained his new healthy weight and healthy lifestyle. 

Submitted by Dr. Tom DiSalvatore